Top Companies that Modifies BMW

Tuning a BMW optimizes it for a different set of performance requirements from that it was traditionally designed for. Normally, people modify their cars to increase performance and make them look more spectacular. Regardless, what are some of the top companies that modify BMWs?

The top companies that modify or tune BMWs are BMW M, Alpina, G-Power, AC Schnitzer, Dinan, Manhart, and Motorsport. Note that these are some of the most popular as several companies tune BMWs.

The BMW modification companies that we’ve highlighted are some of the best and have created an excellent reputation. Besides, the BMW M is a subsidiary of BMW, while Alpina specializes in tunning only BMW cars. Other companies tune different vehicles with BMW included.

What are the top companies that modify BMW?


Unlike other tuners on this list, BMW M is a subsidiary of BMW AG. It is sometimes referred to as Power M. Besides, it is one of the oldest BMW tuning companies as it started way back in 1972. At first, the BMW M started by tuning only racing cars, before they commenced tuning all cars.

After producing the first BMW M, the company decided to offer its performance tuning services to the BMW brand alone. Since then, BMW M become part of BMW with a line of its own. Some of the popular cars in the BMW M line are M3 Sedan, M2 Coupe, M5 Sedan, M4 Coupe, X5 M, X6 M, and much more.

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Alpina started tuning cars way before BMW M started. Precisely, Alpina started tuning cars in 1962, making them the oldest BMW tuning company. Currently, vehicles tuned by Alpina are being sold by BMW dealerships. What’s more, the cars are backed by the warranty offered on BMW vehicles.

What’s more, Alpina does not only tune BMW for exceptional performance, but it also upgrades the interior and other parts. BMW Alpinas are some of the best-looking BMWs on the market. One of the most notable Alpina is the B7. However, the brand also has the B3, B4, B5, D3, D4, D5, and XD3. 


G-Power is another top modifying BMW company. This company started by supplying specialized packages for BMW before they started tuning BMW cars. Surprisingly, it has also started tuning Mercedes AMG, which seems to be a strange move.

AC Schnitzer

Incepted in 1987, AC Schnitzer started by supplying performance tuning services only to BMW vehicles. Nonetheless, the company has expanded and currently offers its services to brands like Mini, Land Rover, Jaguar, and BMW Motorcycles. What makes AC Schnitzer different from other tuners on this list is that it handles a variety of BMW models. 


Similar to AC Schnitzer, this brand also started by offering its tuning services to BMW alone, but it currently handles Mini, McLaren, Audi, and Mercedes. However, its main focus is still BMW. Its main focus is to improve the performance of the car.


Dinan is another popular brand for tuning BMWs. This company was started way back in 1979 and its focus is to tune BMW to perform at a high level. Aside from tuning BMWs, they also tune Mini and Mercedes-Benz.

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Hamann Motorsport

Hamann Motorsport is one of the best BMW tuning companies for individuals who want a sporty-looking car. Aside, from tuning the engine, this company also modifies the car and gives it a sportier look.  Like most cars on this list, it also tunes other popular car brands such as Audi, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Porsche, Martin, and Bentley.


Should I tune my new BMW?

Tuning a new BMW is not a bad idea, but it can end up costing you a lot. If you tune a car and end up damaging one of the parts, BMW may not cover your warranty. Besides, its resale value will fall drastically as tuned cars usually face more problems compared to untuned cars.

However, if you have an old BMW, you can tune it as you don’t risk losing a lot. But if you want to tune your new BMW, ensure to get in touch with some of the best tuners, such as Alpina, Dinan, G-Power, or Manhart. Some companies like Dinan offer a warranty, meaning that your car is protected in case they fault during tuning.

Does BMW allow tuning?

Yes, BMW allows tuning. Actually, most BMWs come with standard manufacturer tuning which can be modified at an aftermarket automobile shop for better performance customization. Additionally, BMW performance tuning enables your car to be optimized for fuel efficiency, power, and improved handling.

How long does it take to modify a BMW?

It depends on whether it is a new car or an old one. If it’s rebuilt, it will take between 7 and 10 days. This is because parts have to arrive before the company can commence making the necessary changes. But if it’s new parts that no person uses, then this takes quite a long time depending on the factory.

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Which tuning company is better – Dinan or Hamann Motorsport?

Whether you pick Dinan or Hamann Motorsport tuning companies, you will get an excellently tuned, unique, and powerful car. However, both companies differ in what they offer. Hamann is more focused on design, while Dinan pays attention to performance.

Hamann Motorsport is synonymous with low-profile spoilers, multi-part alloy wheels, body kits, and twelve-piston disc brakes. On the other hand, Dinan is popular for performance. Dinan will ensure that your car has delivers extra driving performance, which is vital for enthusiastic drivers. 

Do BMW performance chips work?

Yes, BMW performance chips work. They will improve your BMW’s performance and MPG. So, you will have to dyno tune your BMW to increase its performance and MPG. Note that the tuning will enhance the timing and boost pressure. The best part is that adding a BMW performance chip won’t violate the warranty.


Even though several companies modify BMW, only a handful are known for their trademark designs and performance. They include BMW M, Alpina, G-Power, AC Schnitzer, Dinan, Manhart, and Hamann Motorsport.

Before picking any BMW tuning company, you need to understand your needs and budget as these companies differ in the type of services and budget they offer. For instance, BMW Alpina specializes in improving car performance and comfort, while Dinan, G-Power, and Manhart specialize in performance alone.

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