Skoda Kamiq clutch problems 

Skoda Kamiq

Skoda Kamiq is a small and compact SUV with fascinating features. It is also fuel efficient and reliable. However, it also has several problems with clutch issues included. But what are the Skoda Kamiq clutch problems? 

Some of the common problems with the Skoda Kamiq clutch are clutch and flywheel burnout, clutch slipping, clutch wear, and clutch failure to disengage. Nonetheless, other users have also reported having trouble changing gears and stiff clutch. 

What are the common problems with the Skoda Kamiq clutch?

Clutch and flywheel burnout

This is one of the most complained about issues on the Skoda Kamiq. So, if you decide to acquire this car, you should be prepared to face this problem. Some users complained that their clutch burnt out as early as 6,000 miles. Another owner complained that his car lost power and black smoke started coming out when he hit 12453 miles.

If the clutch on your Skoda Kamiq burns out, then you will have to replace it. On top of that, ensure the mechanic inspects the surrounding parts and replaces them if they are damaged as well, such as the flywheel. 

The clutch fails to disengage 

Another common problem with the Skoda Kamiq clutch is that it fails to disengage. This can be caused by different things, depending on how the clutch behaves. If it fails suddenly, then it is due to a loose clutch cable, contaminated disc, or broken or loose linkage. But if the clutch fails gradually, it is due to bent linkage, stretched cable, or failing master cylinder. 

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No matter the cause, you should have a professional mechanic examine your clutch and detect the underlying issue. 

Clutch slipping 

The clutch in the Skoda Kamiq is located between the gearbox and the engine. It is part of the system that allows the car to change gears. On top of that, it is the section that comes into contact with the flywheel, which is located on the engine side and will gather the power transmitted by the clutch.

And since the clutch is made up of notches that engage in the flywheel, it slips when they are worn out. Besides, the clutch also slips when its teeth are badly damaged for it to engage the flywheel. 

To fix this issue, you will have to visit a professional mechanic and have it replace the damaged clutch. 

Clutch wear 

The work of the clutch is to engage and disengage the wheels without killing the engine. However, after some time of use, the clutch may wear out and cause several issues. Some of the signs of a worn-out clutch are clutch slipping, squeaking, or grumbling noise when the clutch pedal is pressed, vibrating or loose clutch pedal when pressed. 

If you discover that your clutch is exhibiting the above signs, you should visit a professional mechanic. Before replacing the worn-out clutch, you should find out if other parts are damaged or worn out within the clutch system, for instance, the flywheel. 

Stiff clutch 

This is another clutch problem that Skoda Kamiq owners should be ready to deal with. If you notice that the clutch pedal sticks when you press down the clutch, then it is a sign that there’s a leak. Ensure to check below the car if you have a leakage. When the brake fluid leaks onto the clutch pedal, it can make it difficult for the foot to stay in position. 

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Take the car to the mechanic for inspection. The hydraulic fluid is likely leaking and contributing to the problem. The mechanic should replace the damaged parts and refill the fluid. 

Difficulty changing gears 

Some Skoda Kamiq users have reported having trouble changing gears. This is a sign of a failing clutch. Most users noticed this problem when putting the car in reverse and first gear. In the process, the gear was hard to shift and didn’t engage properly. 

If your Skoda Kamiq is experiencing such an issue, you should have a professional mechanic check the car and replace the failing clutch. 


How much does it cost to replace the Skoda Kamiq clutch?

If your Skoda Kamiq clutch cannot be fixed, you will have to replace it with a new one. The cost of replacing the Skoda Kamiq clutch ranges between $500 and $1200. Note that replacing the clutch is not cheap and it is cumbersome. Therefore, you should always visit an experienced mechanic to help you out.

How can you prevent clutch damage?

The first step to preventing clutch damage is by knowing the signs of a bad or failing clutch. Nonetheless, if you take good care of your car, you should avoid most of the clutch problems. It is also important to learn about the different parts of the clutch and how they work, such as the flywheel, pressure plate clutch parts, and release bearing. 

After how long should you change your clutch? 

This depends on the driver’s habit and car. In most cases, the driver may be required to replace the clutch between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. However, if the car is well-driven and maintained, it should last longer than this. But if it is poorly driven, then the clutch may not even clock 10,000 miles. 

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What are the signs of a bad clutch?

Like any other car part, the clutch also wears out after some time. The good news is that you can tell if your clutch starts to wear out in time. Some of the signs that you should look out for are a burning smell, difficulty shifting gears, sinking clutch pedal, and grinding noise when changing gears. 

How long does a clutch last? 

Even though the clutch in the Skoda Kamiq should be replaced every 30,000 plus miles, it can last longer than that. With good care and maintenance, the clutch in the Skoda Kamiq should clock at least 240k miles. 


Despite having clutch issues, the Skoda Kamiq is still an exceptional car. It is comfortable, practical, economical, and reliable. With proper care and maintenance, owners of this car can avoid most of the clutch issues that we’ve discussed above. Always look out for the signs of a bad clutch to avoid costly repairs in the long run. 

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