Is Volvo XC60 a good car?

Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 is a compact executive premium SUV made by Volvo since 2008. The second generation of the XC60 was released in 2017 while a second-generation mid-cycle refresh came in 2021. The XC60 is positioned between the smaller XC40 and the largest XC90 mid-size family SUV, but Is Volvo XC60 a good car?

The Volvo XC60 is indeed a good car overall, but there are some intricacies that are worth mentioning. The first generation of the XC60 is not really all that popular right now while the 2nd generation XC60 is one of the most popular compact SUVs on the market. The engines on offer are strong, sophisticated, efficient, and smooth.

Design-wise, the XC60 follows a similar trajectory as its larger XC90 counterpart which means that it looks minimalist but luxurious. The interior of the XC60 is equally as luxurious, especially if you get it in a higher-end trim. Suspension and chassis tuning is solely focused on comfort while the reliability is strong and dependable.  

Value-wise, the XC60 is more or less in line with all the other executive compact SUVs such as the Audi Q5 for example. Practicality is strong thanks to a boxy exterior design, lots of cargo space, and a really spacious cabin.

Volvo XC60 – The powertrain

The Volvo XC60 engine lineup consists of 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines. First-gen XC60 models came with a 3.0L 6-cylinder engine with up to 300hp while the newer generations are equipped with various iterations of a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine which power ranging from 197hp to 320hp for the most powerful versions.

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The XC60 is also available with a few diesel options in certain markets with power up to 200hp. Probably the best XC60 engines of them all are the hybrid units found in the post-facelift newest model that offer a 2.0L 4-cylinder and an electric engine for a combined output of up to 455hp.

The XC60 is predominantly being offered as FWD car, but there are AWD variants available. An automatic gearbox comes as standard while the efficiency is as good as it gets with these types of cars. You can expect to get up to 30-35MPG with gas-powered engines, up to 45MPG with diesels, and up to 130MPG with hybrids.

Volvo XC60 – Design and chassis

The first generation of the XC60 offers a somewhat senior-looking exterior design, especially if equipped with those funny headlight wipers. The second generation of the XC60 is a lot better-looking, especially the post-facelift model. Interior design is decent with older models while newer ones offer a far better-looking interior that can easily rival the likes of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.

The suspension and chassis tuning of the XC60 is solely focused on comfort which means that the XC60 is not all that dynamic nor off-road friendly. This means that these are designed to be driven at a constant pace, mostly cruising on the highway or in town.

 Volvo XC60 – Reliability and common issues

As far as reliability is concerned, the 1st gen X60 is decent while the 2nd generation is a lot better. The most common XC60 issues are associated with the electronics, the steering system, the trim, the exhaust system, and the fuel system. Most of these can be solved with preventive maintenance while some, like the electrical issues, can not be avoided.

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Maintenance-wise, the XC60 is somewhat similar to other cars in the segment. The good thing is that the XC60 maxes out with a 2.0L 4-cylinder which is cheaper to maintain and run while the bad news is that lack of proper maintenance tends to add up to a really big expense.

Volvo XC60 – Value and practicality

The Volvo XC60 can be had in a few different price categories. The 1st gen model is significantly cheaper than the second generation model which can be found for as low as $20k in some instances. The XC60 is a really practical car which means that it offers quite a bit of space, both in the passenger area and in the cargo area.

Many people use XC60 models for their family-hauling purposes and that is where the XC60 delivers its best. It comes with loads of family-friendly features such as easy-to-reach IsoFix mounting points, lots of storage spaces, lots of USB ports, and great all-around visibility.

FAQ Section

Is the Volvo XC60 safe?

The Volvo XC60 is, just like any other Volvo, a really safe car because Volvo is known for making some of the safest cars on the market. They have pioneered many modern-day safety systems which means that they know a thing or two when it comes to making all-around safe cars.

The XC60 comes with quite a few safety features as standard which is not the case with most of its German competitors. If safety is your priority, the XC60 is likely the best car in this segment which means that you should indeed consider it.

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 Is the Volvo XC60 better than an Audi Q5?

The Audi Q5 is likely the fiercest competitor to the XC60 as these two are the most similar in this segment. The Q5 offers a slightly more desirable badge while the XC60 offers a slightly more desirable design. Interior-wise, both of these are amazing and it’s up for discussion which one looks better. Both are safe and come with efficient and powerful engines.

The XC60 engine palette is more efficient while the Q5 engine palette is more exciting. These two are closely matched in many categories which means that it is up to you which one of these you deem better. Both are great, and picking a clear winner is almost impossible.

Should I buy a Volvo XC60?

If you are in the market for a compact luxury SUV, the Volvo XC60 is definitely a worthy consideration. Volvo is a class leader in this segment when it comes to safety, efficiency, hybrid engines, and being under the radar. The XC60 offers a comparable luxury experience as is the case with the Germans, but it does not attract as much attention.

Reliability is really similar to its German counterparts, but many sources state that the XC60 is more reliable as a whole. All in all, you should definitely consider the XC60 if you are interested in such a car.

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