Is there a Porsche with 7 seats?

Is there a Porsche with 7 seats?

Porsche is a brand known for making high-end sports and luxury cars, but it’s no secret that Porsche also makes SUVs, more specifically the Cayenne and the Macan. These two luxury sports SUVs have developed into Porsches greatest hits, at least as far as sales are concerned. However, is there a Porsche with 7 seats?

No, at least not yet. There are lots of rumors spreading around that Porsche is actively developing a seven-seater SUV to slot above the Cayenne and become the Porsche SUV flagship. This comes as no surprise because the seven-seater flagship SUV lineup is already packed with great options such as the BMW X7 and the Mercedes GLS.

Given the fact that Porsche is part of Volkswagen Auto Group and VW already offers the seven-seater Atlas family SUV, there is a great deal of chance that the new seven-seater Porsche is going to borrow a few things from the Atlas.

It’s also worth mentioning that Audi already offers a seven-seater, the Q7 which shares its underpinning with the Porsche Cayenne. Moreover, Audi is soon to release the Q9 SUV which is set to rival the GLS, and the X7 which is also going to share many of its parts with the eventual seven-seater Porsche SUV.

Porsche 7-seater SUV: What do we know so far

There is little to no information about the eventual 7-seater Porsche SUV besides the fact that it is going to come eventually, and that it does not look anything like any other Porsche. Inside sources state that this Porsche SUV flagship should look like a mixture of a more boxy SUV and a classical crossover which means that it should like similar to the BMW X7 and the GLS.

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Current Porsche SUVs are a bit more rounded which is likely not going to be the case with the seven-seater. Some Porsche dealership employees said that the seven-seater Porsche is unlike any other Porsche yet because it incorporates a flat rear design, something never seen on a Porsche of any sort.

Some sources also indicate that a Porsche dealer meeting in Atlanta actually showcased the mysterious Porsche flagship SUV and that it should come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain with up to 670hp. As such, the engine offered in the Cayenne Turbo S e-Hybrid is likely the engine of choice.

Audi Q7 – Your best alternative

If you are a VAG fan, the best thing you can do right now is consider buying the Audi Q7 because it is the best seven-seater VAG SUV at the moment. The latest Q7 has been facelifted a year ago and is a really capable and more importantly reliable car.

The Q7 comes in a few configurations and all of them are available with seven seats. The top-of-the-line SQ7 comes with a 4.0L V8 with 500hp and a starting price of around $100,000 for the Prestige model. It also comes with a combined 21MPG fuel economy which is actually really decent considering the car’s engine and weight.

The Q7 is 199.6 inches long with a wheelbase of 117.9 inches. These numbers sure do seem substantial enough in order for the chassis to house seven seats. Therefore, if you want the closest thing to a Porsche seven-seater SUV, you should focus your attention on the Audi Q7.

 Porsche Cayenne – If lack of seven seats is not a dealbreaker

Let’s face it, most people don’t really need seven seats but rather want to drive a huge and commanding SUV that comes with all the bells and whistles from premium brands such as Porsche. Therefore, you should consider the Porsche Cayenne as it is a premium executive luxury sports SUV that manages to be one of the best SUVs of all time.

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The Cayenne comes in a record-breaking number of variations which include either a coupe-ish sloping roofline or a more traditional SUV silhouette. The Cayenne is available with hybrid powertrains or regular gasoline/diesel engines as is the case with the Q7. However, the Cayenne Turbo S e-Hybrid is almost 150hp more powerful than the Q7.

The Cayenne is also the more dynamic SUV with an arguably higher-quality interior. Either way, the Cayenne is certainly a force to be reckoned with as it is the best Porsche SUV to date. If you are not hard struck on seven seats and you want a Porsche SUV, the Cayenne is the only logical choice.

FAQ Section

Is the Porsche Macan a good car?

Porsche does not only offer the Cayenne SUV but rather also the more compact and more affordable Macan SUV. The Macan competes with the likes of the Audi Q5, the BMW X3, and the Mercedes GLC in the compact luxury SUV segment. The Macan manages to beat all of these when it comes to desirability, reliability, and value retention.

Therefore, the Macan could actually be a worthy alternative to the Cayenne as well. Of course, the Macan is a considerably smaller SUV with considerably less space overall, but it is a Porsche and it drives better than the Cayenne.

Do seven-seater SUVs make any sense?

A seven-seater SUV is a car that combines utility, luxury, space, power, and desirability. Therefore, large seven-seater SUVs do make a lot of sense, but many people avoid them because they are simply too large. That is why these SUVs are primarily popular in the US market as USA road infrastructure is a lot more welcoming to large SUVs.

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These SUVs cost a ton of money while they also depreciate badly. Moreover, the market is relatively cramped with so many seven-seater SUV options that it is not yet clear if it makes sense to even offer an option in this segment. However, BMW decides to join with the X7 not too long ago and Audi is coming soon, so it seems that these behemoths do make sense after all.

Why do people love SUVs?

The past decade or two has seen rapid growth in SUV popularity, especially when it comes to luxury SUVs. People love these because they offer everything a luxury sedan does, but with the addition of a more commanding driving position, more space, and off-road capabilities.

SUVs are all the rage right now and everyone wants to have them. If you also consider the fact that the world’s most premium brands such as Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, and Aston Martin have all either revealed or are going to reveal their SUVs in the last or current decade.

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