Can you sleep in a Volvo XC90?

The Volvo XC90 is known for luxury and is very spacious. It can comfortably carry a good number of people and there’s even has enough room to sleep.

You can sleep in a Volvo XC90 and do it comfortably. To have the best experience, it’s a good idea to get a conversion kit to suit your sleeping needs. The type of kit you get depend on how long you intend to sleep in the car, available space, and the location of the vehicle.

The Volvo XC90 is spacious

The XC90 comes with three rows and is big enough to carry seven passengers. There is also plenty of cargo space. However, if you need somewhere to sleep, not to sit, you will need to use the cargo space and the main cabin. Folding down the passenger rows will give you enough room to lie down and also store other things you might need.

Creating a room in the car

To create a space in your XC90, fold down the seats in the second and third row. Volvo designed the seats in a way they can be folded flat, giving you a smooth surface to spread out your things. Next, you’ll need to shop for a few necessary items to make the experience more comfortable.

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Conversion Kits

There are a few reasons you may intend to sleep in a car. Perhaps you’re going to live in your car, or you’re going on a road trip adventure and want to save costs by skipping accommodation bills. Or maybe there aren’t any other aren’t any other lodging options in the location you’re exploring and you don’t want to stay in a tent for safety reasons.

The following things will help make your Volvo XC90 roomier and more comfortable to sleep in.


This is maybe the most important thing you need when setting out to sleep in your car. You do not want your back to ache from sleeping on the cabin floor. The mattress size will depend on available space.


First, you need sheets for your mattress, as well as some blankets to keep warm if it’s winter. The sheet size/quantity depend on the size of the bed and the number of people.


Relying on your car’s battery on such a journey won’t be good for the vehicle. You would need it to drive around. So, getting extra batteries to power items like a fan or mini-fridge fridge is a wise thing to do. 

Kitchen equipment

If restaurants are accessible and you intend to eat there, you may not need this. But if you intend to save on food or can’t get food in the area you’re camping in, you may need to cook. A mini fridge or freezer are also a good idea for storing cool things.


You do not want to experience the aggressive hotness of your car, especially during the summer. Even lipstick can melt in a hot car during summer. So, you may need a fan to keep the vehicle cool while sleeping, unless you have enough fuel to keep the A/C working all night.

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A tent

This is optional. But if you want to make an extension from your vehicle to get more space to sleep or store things, you may need it. Tents come in different sizes, so get the one that suits your needs or fits properly into your Volvo XC90.

Setting up the conversion kit

How long you stay or sleep in your XC90 SUV will determine how to set up your sleeping situation. If possible, plan the layout of your setup in your head or on paper before arranging things.

Place things in a way you can easily access them. Getting your vehicle sleep ready can take from a few minutes to weeks, depending on your approach and how long-term you want it to function.

Using an already converted kit box

Converting your space to a room might take only a few minutes. But if you want a more professional-looking setup, you can buy an SUV conversion kit from companies like Ququq (pronounced as Cuckoo) that makes a SUV camper conversion kit. It comes with a bed and kitchen compartment to keep kitchen utensils, cook and store food.

Other items may fit into the passenger seat foot area when the bed is out. So instead of thinking of how to set up the room, you just get the kit box, push it into the car space, then arrange your things.

This kit box can be folded and kept in the cargo of your Volvo when not in use. You might find it difficult to get the exact one to fit in your space, but their specialists can help you fint the perfect match.

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Which Volvo XC90 is best to sleep in?

All versions of the XC90 have enough space to sleep, the only difference might be the level of comfort and space. For example, the 2010 T8 R design is curvy, so may be harder to fit a mattress in.

Why do people sleep in cars?

Some people live in cars as their home. They sleep in cars to save money. Or maybe it’s the only option available, especially when on a road trip adventure. Some enjoy sleeping in their cars just for fun.

Why not sleep in a tent instead of a car?

A tent is a good option for sleeping, especially when camping, but it might not be able to withstand harsh climates or keep bugs away. People may also feel safer from wildlife like bears and snakes in the safety of their vehicles, rather than a tent.

Is the XC90 the best Volvo to sleep in?

If you intend to sleep in a car, you need a chunk of space. And that’s what the XC90 provides. It has a big cargo area and a large cabin. When combined, it gives enough room to sleep and store other necessary items as well.

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