Is Renault a Luxury Car

Is it a luxury car

Renault is a French car manufacturer that has five different divisions, none of which focus on luxury. This means that Renault does not have the brand recognition or pedigree that comes with having a luxury car. Nonetheless, some Renaults look and feel premium without costing too much.

The most expensive model is the Megane R.S. Trophy-R that focuses on performance rather than luxury. In the ever-growing market of SUVs, the Renault Koleos is the most expensive choice. But it cannot be considered a luxury car.

This does not mean that it is a bad SUV. It just means that it falls short of traditional luxury car manufacturers in terms of horsepower, build quality, materials, features, and design. All Renault models look rather basic and the interiors are not something out of the ordinary. All things considered, Renault makes some decent and cheap cars that feel premium, but they fall short of true luxury brands.

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Why I Love Renault Cars So Much

I’ve always been fascinated by the way in which a company like Renault can build such high quality sports car models that they are able to create an industry standard that rivals even those produced by Ferrari and Porsche. When I think about the various versions of the Renault Sport, it’s hard for me to imagine that it’s possible for them to ever go out of business because of a lack of interest from customers.

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While there are lots of manufacturers that manufacture sports car models, no one has managed to create such an enduring brand with such a long and successful history. This is exactly what I love about the French company and one of the reasons that I love them so much. I remember when my family first purchased their brand new Renault Sport. Not only was it a great car, it was something that we could use every single day and one of the reasons why I love Renault so much.

The good thing about the car is that it does not cost a fortune to purchase. In fact, if you have never had the pleasure of using a Renault car, then I suggest that you spend some time considering it as your next car. You won’t regret it in the slightest! You also need to remember that when you buy a car like this, you will be getting a car that has all the necessary safety features. This is a very important feature to consider when you want to buy a vehicle like this because many companies make cars that come with many unnecessary extras that often end up doing more harm than good.

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