Is Porsche 718 Cayman a good car?

Is Porsche 718 Cayman a good car?

The Porsche 718 Cayman is the entry-level Porsche 2-seater sports car made for those who want to enjoy a great handling car with a Porsche crest without paying Porsche 911 money. Some say that the Cayman is a poor man’s 911, but that can’t be any further away from the truth because the Cayman offers a completely different experience. So, is Porsche 718 Cayman a good car?

Yes, the Porsche 718 Cayman is indeed a really good car. The reason why is because of the engines, the design, the quality, technology, the way it drives, the way it retains value, and the sheer agility it possesses. The Cayman is a true driver’s car, so much so that even the 911 can’t dispute that.

As such, the Cayman lineup offers you a choice between either 4-cylinder engines or 6-cylinder engines depending on how serious you are with performance. The design is great inside and out because the Cayman is well proportioned and packed with lots of high-quality materials fitting for a Porsche badge.

Reliability is decent, especially the newest 718 Cayman models. Practicality is certainly a challenge due to the car’s size, but that comes with the territory. The good news is that the Cayman offers quite a bit of space in two trunk spaces and behind the first row of seats which are a bit challenging for taller drivers.

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Porsche 718 Cayman – The powertrain

The 718 Cayman lineup kicks off with the regular Porsche Cayman that gets a 2.0L Boxster 4-cylinder engine with 299hp. The Cayman T gets the very same engine but is a tad bit lighter and more driver-focused. The next in line is the Cayman S which gets a 2.5L 350hp Boxster 4-cylinder engine. The Cayman GTS also gets the 2.5L engine with 365hp.

However, the mid-cycle refresh 718 Cayman GTS gets a 911-sourced flat 6-cylinder engine with 400hp and it slots underneath the track-focused Porsche Cayman GT4 which also gets the same engine, but the power is raised up to 420hp. The top-of-the-line Cayman model is the absolutely glorious GT4 RS, a limited-edition track-focused racecar with a 500hp engine straight from the 911 GT3.

You can buy the Cayman with either a 6-speed manual or Porsche dual-clutch PDK which fits the Cayman’s character beautifully. All Cayman models come with a mid-engine mounted configuration and rear-wheel drive.

Porsche 718 Cayman – Design and chassis

The Porsche 718 Cayman shares its resemblance to the 718 Boxster because these two are based on the same platform. Both of these are low to the ground, wide, sleek, and are surely attracting attention everywhere they go, especially the GT4 and the GT4 RS. The interior is starting to show its age a little bit, but the quality is ever-present in the 718 interior.

When it comes to the chassis, the 718 Cayman might just be the best car Porsche has ever made. No other Porsche is as well balanced and confident-inspiring as the Cayman and that is why it drives as good as it does. The suspension is a bit stiff, especially on the track-focused GT4 and GT4 RS models.

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Porsche 718 Cayman – Reliability and common issues

Reliability-wise, the 718 Cayman is decent, but it does cost quite a bit of money to maintain. This is not as exaggerated as with its competitors, but Porsche spare parts are known to have up to 50% longer serviceable lifespan. As such, it does cost more money to maintain, but it does not need maintenance as often as some of its competitors do.

The most common 718 Cayman issues are related to the transmission, the engine, the A/C, the fuel system, and the airbags. It’s worth mentioning that later 718 models are much more reliable than earlier ones, so you should focus on these if you are looking for a 2nd hand 718 Cayman.

Porsche 718 Cayman – Value and practicality

The entry-level 718 Cayman costs around $60,000 without options while the range-topping GT4 RS costs upwards of $140,000 which is an unbelievably large premium over the regular 718 Cayman. However, the GT range is known to retain value better than 90% of cars in existence and the Cayman 718 overall retains value really well so it makes sense to buy one over a comparably cheaper car.

Practicality is as good as it can be for a car of this size which means that it offers lots of trunk space thanks to both a front and a rear storage compartment. The seats are accommodating, but not for overly tall drivers.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Porsche 718 Cayman?

If you want an exciting compact sports car or you want to buy a car that can do it all both in the canyons and at the track, the 718 Cayman is a great choice. Some people use these as daily drivers, but that is a bit of a stretch as the Cayman is only a 2-seater with a relatively confined seating space.

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Either way, if this type of car works for you, you are not going to find a car that makes more sense to buy than the Cayman. It retains value really well, it drives absolutely great, it looks nice, and it carries that desirable Porsche crest at the front.

Which Porsche 718 Cayman is the best?

The 718 GTS with a 6-cylinder, the GT4, and the range-topping GT4 RS models are by far the better models when compared to the 4-cylinder models. The reason why is simple, a true Porsche sports car simply makes no sense with a 4-cylinder engine.

Therefore, the best 718 model at all is the GT4 RS as it is the very last 718 limited-edition track-focused sports car that is already appreciating in value in many markets around the world.

 Is Porsche going to offer a new Cayman soon?

Porsche says that they are aiming to completely electrify the Cayman and Boxster lineup until 2024/2025 which means that a gas-powered 718 is going to be available until 2024. Chances are that the all-new Cayman is going to arrive sometime next year and is going to go on sale sometime in 2024.

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