Is Hyundai Getz a good car?

Hyundai Getz

The Hyundai Getz is a subcompact city car that was first introduced back in 2002 and was in continuous production until 2011 when it was replaced by the Hyundai i20 in 2012. The Getz is known under many names such as the Hyundai Click, the Hyundai Getz Prime, the Hyundai TB, and the Inokom Getz. So, is Hyundai Getz a good car?

The Hyundai Getz is a really affordable small city car with decent reliability records. It is powered by a few gasoline and a diesel engine, all of which are rather weak, but enough for such a small car. The design of the Getz is as bland as one can design a car, but that is what Hyundai believed was best when the car came out.

The interior is very much the same story, but it is incredibly easy to understand as everything is exactly where you’d expect it to be. The driving experience is exactly what you’d expect from such a small car, it is chilled and fairly comfortable, but not in a dynamic way.

Reliability seems to be okay for the most part, but there are some issues worth talking about. Values of these have come down quite a bit in the past 10 years which is what makes them bargains these days. Practicality is not good as the car is not able to fit tall people and the trunk space is limited to say the least.

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Hyundai Getz – The Powertrain

For the Hyundai Getz, you get a choice of a few gasoline engines. Starting with the entry-level 1.1L inline 4-cylinder that offers 62hp or 65hp for the facelifted model. The next in line is the 1.3L inline 4-cylinder which offers 82hp and the 1.4L 4-cylinder with 97hp which is usually the one most people tend to go for. However, the 1.6L 4-cylinder with 106hp is the best one as it offers a perfect amount of power.

All models are equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox and the power is sent to the front wheels only. As far as diesel engines are concerned, you can only buy the 1.5L 4-cylinder CRDI engine with either 82hp or 88hp. Diesel engines are also the most economical of the bunch as they can return over 50MPG US while the most economical gasoline engines are closer to 40MPG.

All in all, the Getz really isn’t anything special in the powertrain department which makes sense as Hyundai never intended it to be. The powertrain setup is enough for a small city car, but those loving hot hatchbacks will deem the Getz to be too slow.

Hyundai Getz – Design and Driving

Early 2000s Hyundai’s design language is known for making unmemorable cars and the Getz is no different. It is difficult to believe that Hyundai makes some of the best-looking cars in the 2020s and that they also made some of the worst-looking cars in the 2000s. The exterior is bland and there is nothing interesting about it at all.

The interior is equally as bland, but it does feel relatively well made and everything is where you’d expect it to be. The driving experience is also fairly docile and not exciting, but that is a common trait for most cars out of this segment, especially in the early 2000s when hot subcompact cars weren’t really a thing.

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Hyundai Getz – Reliability and Common Issues

The Hyundai Getz is not nearly as reliable as modern-day Hyundai models are, but it also isn’t unreliable at all. That being said, it is a relatively solid car that should be able to hold its ground for many years to come. However, we do need to mention some of the more common issues the Getz tends to suffer from.

These include problems with the suspension, the electrics, the car losing power, the car stalling, and with the brakes which were a big issue back in 2003 when Hyundai recalled the Getz due to complete loss of ABS. Be that as it may, most Getz models these days have been repaired and there are many mechanics that can easily work on the Getz.

 Hyundai Getz – Value and Practicality

A used Hyundai Getz can be had for next to nothing in 2022 as the depreciation curve has hit rock bottom. The Getz wasn’t a particularly expensive car to begin with, but now, 15 years later, it’s more affordable to buy some used Getz models than it is to have a fancy dinner.

Practicality is not this car’s strongest suit which is reasonable as it is a subcompact car after all. Many owners complained about the lack of seating space both front and back which means that tall people are not going to be all that fond of the Getz.

FAQ Section

 Why did Hyundai discontinue the Getz?

The reason why Hyundai discontinued the Getz is due to poor sales numbers. For a spot of context, more than 3,000 cars were sold every month in India back in 2003 while 6,500 cars were sold throughout all the 12 months of 2009.

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It just failed to deliver at that time as other manufacturers really stepped their game up. The Getz was also criticized due to its lack of space the moment it came out. All of these issues were starting to become way too serious for the Getz to stick around.

Does Hyundai make good compact cars?

In 2022, Hyundai’s catalog is as large as it can be as you can buy every type of car out there. Starting with the compact i10 and i20 and going all the way up to the humongous Hyundai Palisade. However, as far as compact cars are concerned, Hyundai does a really good job, especially with the very latest models.

Do compact city cars make sense?

It depends on your usage scenario. If you are the type of person who spends most of your driving time in the city and commuting from and to work, a compact city car is actually the best type of car you can go for. However, highway driving, comfort, seating space, cargo space, and amenities are something you will not be able to find in compact city cars.

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