All about 2023 Fiat Strada

2023 Fiat Strada

Fiat Strada is among the few compact pickup trucks on the market. Not only is it stylish, practical, useful, and reliable, but it also performs considerably well. Nonetheless, before acquiring this compact pickup truck, it is vital to know everything about it so that you’re not disappointed. 

History of the Fiat Strada

The Fiat Strada is a small pickup truck or supermini coupe utility made by Fiat. This truck has been in production from 1998 to date. Furthermore, it is based on Fiat’s world car “project 178”, the Palio. It is important to note that this car is not made in Italy but in Brazil by Fiat Automoveis.

The Fiat Strada is also marketed everywhere in the world, apart from the USA and Canada. In Mexico, it is marketed as Ram 700. Besides, the Fiat Strada was created to replace the Fiat City, which was a pickup version of the Fiorino.

Features of the Fiat Strada


In terms of looks, the Fiat Strada is well-designed and looks similar to the Ram 700. The only difference is the front area around the grille. The Fiat Strada is very appealing and comes with outstanding features. Some of the notable features are 15-inch alloy wheels, leather upholstered seats, electric locks and windows, follow-me-home lighting technology, and much more.  

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Fiat allows interested buyers to select from a wide array of variants. The 2023 Fiat Strada has a total of six variants. These include Endurance Cabine Plus 1.4 Flex MT, Freedom Cabine Plus 1.3 Flex MT, Freedom Cabine Dupla 1.3 Flex MT, Volcano Cabine Dupla 1.3 Flex MT, Volcano Cabine Dupla 1.3 Flex AT, and Ranch Cabine Dupla 1.3 Flex AT.

The base Fiat Strada comes with a Firefly 1.3/1.4 engine that delivers up to 109 hp. But if you want the best-performing variant, consider getting the Fiat Ranch Cabine Dupla 1.3 Flex AT variant. 

Comfort and cargo space

The 2023 Fiat Strada is quite comfortable and can carry up to five passengers. Additionally, it has a decent cargo space with a total of 844 liters. This is enough to carry several suitcases and even goods. Besides, with a towing capacity of over 800 and a ground clearance of 212mm, this is a nice car for towing. 

Fuel efficiency

When it comes to fuel usage, the Fiat Strada is a very efficient car. Therefore, the user will get to save some cash. This is because the Fiat Strada uses 9.9-liters of ethanol per km on the road and 8.8-liters of ethanol per km in the city. On the contrary, it utilizes 13.9-liters of gasoline per km on the road and 12.4-liters of gasoline per km in the city.


The Fiat Strada is a nice and compact truck that has proven to be very useful. However, this car has continually lacked top safety features that make it undesirable to some people. While it has four airbags and several safety features, it lacks the most basic driver assistance features like lane support systems, autonomous emergency braking, and blind spot monitoring.

As a result, it is not one of the best small trucks for people who value safety. There are more secure and safe trucks than the Fiat Strada.

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Unlike many compact pickup trucks on the market, the 2023 Fiat Strada will be way affordable as the price will range from BR95,290 to BR125,990, or $17,646 to $23,332. This is pretty affordable compared to competitor pickup trucks like the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier.


Like most Fiat models, expect the 2023 Fiat Strada to feature a basic limited warranty of four years or 50,000 miles. The warranty should cover all repairs needed on your Fiat car to fix workmanship issues, material defects, or other problems linked to factory-installed parts on the car.

Which cars are similar to the 2023 Fiat Strada?

The 2023 Fiat Strada is an exceptional pickup truck with lots of amazing features. However, it has stiff competition in the market, and buyers have several alternatives. Some of the cars that are similar to the 2023 Fiat Strada are the RAM 700, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Chevrolet Colorado, Nissan Frontier, FGMC Canyon, and Toyota Tacoma.


  • It is quite affordable
  • The pickup truck performs pretty well
  • It is very practical
  • It is very efficient


  • It has a low towing ability compared to similar pickup trucks
  • It is not very powerful


Is the Fiat Strada reliable?

The Fiat Strada is a pretty reliable car. It is one of the most reliable Fiat models on the market. Besides, its parts are cheap, meaning the cost of repair and maintenance will also be cheap. Nevertheless, their customer support is not the best. Furthermore, finding spare parts can be quite challenging.

What are the common problems with Fiat Strada?

The Fiat Strada is one of the best small pickup trucks on the market. It is sleek, practical, and useful. Nonetheless, it also has several issues that interested buyers should know about. Some of these problems include engine issues, failing DPF, steering problems, electrical issues, engine jerking, and starting problems.

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How many miles does the Fiat Strada last?

Like most Fiat models, the Fiat Strada is not a very reliable car. Nonetheless, with proper care and maintenance, the Fiat Strada can last for more than 200,000 miles. Some users have even reported clocking over 250,000 miles.

Is the Fiat Strada the same as Ram 700?

Yes, the Fiat Strada is the same as Ram 700. They have the same platform, suspension, engine, and much more. The only difference is their badge. While the Fiat Strada is sold as Strada in Brazil or South America, the same car has been rebadged in Mexico and sold as Ram 700.

Why are small trucks not popular in North America?

Small trucks or pickup trucks are not popular in North America because people there tend to want more space, which small trucks don’t provide. That’s why small trucks like the Fiat Strada or Ram 700 are not popular or even sold in North America.


Large and medium-sized pickup trucks have dominated the market for years. However, the Fiat Strada has shown that small pickup trucks are here to stay and some markets have embraced them well. Overall, the Fiat Strada is a wonderful car for people who want a small truck with excellent efficiency and a decent towing capacity.

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