Common Problems with BMW iX3

The BMW ix3 is currently the best-selling BMW fully electric vehicle. On the same note, it is the BMW with the most complaints over the past year. Because of this, it is worth knowing some of the issues that interested buyers will face with this excellent fully-electric compact SUV.

Some of the common problems that BMW ix3 owners should expect to experience are power battery failure, damage to the transmission system, engine failure light on, electrical faults, and brake failure. Note that most of these issues have been recalled and rectified by BMW.

What are the common problems with the BMW ix3?

Power battery failure

Power battery failure is the most common issue that BMW ix3 owners have experienced. What’s, BMW even had to recall some cars to rectify the problem. The recall was mainly due to a poor welding job done on the battery terminal. As a result, the defect caused deviations between the actual and measured values of voltage/temperature.

This issue was persistent on particular BMW ix3 models. It happened because when the deviation value surpassed the pre-set safety value, the car activated the power failure protection mode of the battery system, which in turn set off fault codes and alarm messages.

Due to these changes, the output of the power battery is cut off and causes power failure while the car is running. Note that BMW already recalled 1,974 BMW ix3 cars with this issue so that it can replace the power battery modules with welding defects, free of charge.

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Engine failure light on

Another common problem with the BMW ix3 is engine failure light turning on. This is because of a random software error. So, in case a serious accident takes place, overvoltage could lead to control units getting damaged. Because of this, you may see the engine failure light turn on until the issue is rectified.

Aside from the engine failure light turning on, other things that overvoltage can cause a fault in your car are automatic emergency calls, warning lights, and vehicle lighting.

Damage to the transmission system

This is another common problem with the BMW ix3. Many users have reported that the failure of the transmission system is shown and alarmed by the display. When this occurs, the car won’t run or charge, and the App will indicate that it cannot be charged.

Brake failure of the braking system

Before you concluded that your BMW ix3 has a braking issue, it is vital to differentiate between normal braking noise and abnormal braking noise. A normal braking noise should be heard when braking and it does not affect the safety of the car in any way.

On the contrary, an abnormal braking or braking failure may produce a single impact noise when starting the car or braking. This normally happens if the brake parts are loose or the guide pin clearance of the brake cylinder is extremely huge.

If you’re experiencing abnormal braking sound because of brake failure of the braking system, you may have to take your car to a BMW service center for diagnosis.

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Electrical faults

Even though electrical faults are common in BMW models, this is quite different. The electrical fault on the BMW ix3 is because of a random software error. And as stated earlier, if a serious accident happens, it could damage parts of the 12V electrical system, which will cause electrical in the car to fault.

The main culprit behind this issue is the sensor signal in the electronic control system. If it has a problem, it will also affect the transmission system. However, this issue can be fixed temporarily by restarting the car several times. Alternatively, you can drive the car slowly and in limp mode.

Besides, BMW offers free repair service for cars with this issue, as long as the car is still under warranty period. But because of the after-sales system electric vehicle experience, you may have to wait for a long period before the issue can be resolved.


Is the BMW ix3 reliable?

Yes, the BMW ix3 is more reliable than most of its competitors. It was ranked 21 out of 29 luxury cars, which is exceptional. On top of that, it ranked even higher than its gas counterpart, which is even a more impressive feat.

Which BMW ix3 should you avoid?

At the moment, BMW ix3 only comes with two trims. These are the premier edition and premier edition pro. Both of these cars are exceptional and have experienced the same issues. Just ensure that the BMW ix3 you’re buying has its issues sorted out in the recall as the repairs are done free of charge.

What is high mileage for a BMW ix3?

Since BMW ix3 is still new on the market, it will be quite challenging to determine how many miles are high on it. Regardless, most electric cars have a battery lifespan of about 10 to 20 years. So, over 100,000 miles should be high mileage for a BMW ix3.  

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Is the BMW ix3 cheap to maintain?

When compared to the BMW X3, this car is cheaper to maintain. This is because you don’t have to refill the car at the gas station and charging it is cheaper. Besides, it does not break down frequently like its gas counterpart, meaning that you will spend less on repairs and maintenance. Nonetheless, the parts are still costly.

Is the BMW ix3 fully electric?

Yes, the BMW ix3 is fully electric. The BMW ix3 may look similar to the BMW X3, but it is not a gas-powered car. On the contrary, it runs on an 80kWh battery and delivers up to 282 bhp using the rear-mounted electric motor. It also comes with an excellent range of up 285 miles.


Generally, the BMW ix3 is an excellent compact SUV with an outstanding range and fair performance. It is also spacious, luxurious, and practical. Nonetheless, this car has some issues that you should expect, such as battery power failure, electrical faults, engine failure light on, damage to the transmission system, and brake failure.

Aside from these challenges, the BMW ix3 is an excellent car for people looking to save the environment and save on fuel.

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