Common problems with Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

The Renault Twizy is a 2-seater mini-city car powered by an electric powertrain. The Twizy was first introduced for the 2012 model year and is still a fairly popular city car all around Europe. It is characterized by its insect-looking body, scissor doors, and incredibly small footprint which is why the Twizy is so popular.

In this article, we are going to go over all the common problems with Renault Twizy which means that we are going to list what goes wrong with it and what you can do to fix it. The most common problems include problems with the speedometer, problems with range reduction, problems with the brakes, suspension problems, and problems with the electrics.

It’s important to state that the Twizy does seem to be a fairly reliable car which means that these issues aren’t too common. As EVs do tend to be more reliable than normal ICE cars due to fewer moving parts, the Twizy also manages to be more dependable compared to some mini ICE city cars.

All in all, if you want to buy one used, it’s best to go for one with a decent service history as many of these were used as tools which means that people didn’t really pay too much attention to maintaining them when needed. If you do that, you are going to enjoy the Twizy.

Speedometer Problems

2020 Renault Twizy models were often reported to suffer from electric traction reducer problems which affects the speedometer. This means that the speedometer shows that you are driving 45 km/h, but in reality, you are driving closer to 80 km/h which is a huge difference and can be a safety hazard, especially in a tiny car such as the Twizy.

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Renault did recall the Twizy back in 2020 because of this issue, but it’s unclear if all Twizy models have been part of this recall. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to use your phone’s GPS as a speedometer while driving your Twizy as most people use their phones for GPS purposes anyway.

Range Reduction Problems

The Twizy comes with a rather small 6.1kWh battery which can give you up to 90km (56 miles) of range which isn’t ideal in any circumstances. However, this range can become much worse due to a wide variety of factors such as the outside temperature, the terrain you are driving on, and your driving habits.

If all of these factors come into play, your range can be severely reduced, so much so that you won’t be able to do your daily commute without needing to charge it. This is one of the reasons why many people are going to skip the Twizy and go for an electric vehicle with a slightly larger battery pack in order to be able to satisfy their minimum range necessities.

Brakes Problems

This is not an issue in a classic term, but it sure needs to be mentioned as many people simply aren’t fond of how the brakes on the Twizy were calibrated from the factory. Many owners have stated that the brake pedal feels way too flimsy and soft and that it isn’t as progressive as most car brake pedals tend to be.

This can make it a bit problematic to know how much brake pressure should be applied when coming to a complete stop. While driving at lower speeds, the brakes don’t seem to be as big of a problem, but that is likely because stopping at a lower speed requires less effort anyway.

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Suspension Problems

The Twizy is primarily a city car as long-distance driving with such a small and loud automobile would be a bit of a nightmare. The problem here is that most cities are filled with less-than-ideal pavement with lots of places to curb your wheels or stress out your suspension system. This also seems to be true for the Twizy as many people complained about suspension issues.

These issues include squealing and rattling noises while going over speed bumps or climbing onto curbs. Sadly, this is something that can not be easily avoided as the suspension system of any car is prone to wear and tear, no matter how you tend to drive it.

FAQ Section

Should I Buy a Renault Twizy?

If you are in the market for a mini city car and you want to go fully electric, the Renault Twizy is one of the best cars you can go for. That is because it’s immensely small and can be parked wherever you want, it is easy to drive, and it manages to stay trouble-free for the most part. That is why you can see a ton of these in places such as the South of Europe or other coastal European countries.

It’s just too easy to live with, especially during summer months when Twizy’s open-body design feels the most enjoyable. With that said, if you live in a colder climate, it’s better to go for a car that has a completely enclosed cabin as you will greatly appreciate not getting frostbite during the winter.

Is Renault Coming Out With a New Twizy?

Renault has officially said goodbye to the Twizy and there are no plans to revive it anytime soon. However, Renault did come out with its new sub-brand called Mobilize which is going to fill in this gap and offer a car called the Mobilize Duo.

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The Mobilize Duo is a Renault Twizy 2.0 which means that not many things are going to change, but the Duo is going to offer more range, more technology, and hopefully is going to be a bit more enclosed than the Twizy.

Why do People Buy Renault Twizy?

Because it’s just too convenient to get in and out of a supermini car that can be parked anywhere and costs next to nothing to live with. The Twizy is perfect for places such as the South of France or anywhere else where parking is a bit of a problem.

You can do all of your daily commute while enjoying the elements which means that the Twizy is basically a bit more practical than a normal scooter.

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