Common problems with Hyundai ix35

Hyundai ix35

The name Hyundai ix35 refers to both the earlier Hyundai Tucson models and the current ix35 which is now being sold exclusively in China. The first ix35 was introduced back in 2009 and is in continuous production to this day. In this article, we are going to discuss the most common problems with Hyundai ix35. So, if you are interested in one, be sure to read this article!

The most common suspension issue with the ix35 is one where the suspension develops creaking noises which are most obvious when going over uneven surfaces or speed bumps. Electrical issues are common across multiple generations of the ix35, but most of them are mostly a nuisance and aren’t too serious for driving purposes.

The transmission is known to experience issues with jumping out of gear while the manual transmission is known to suffer from clutch-related issues. Fuel leaks are sadly also common across older 2009-2015 ix35 models and can also lead to the car bursting into flames which is indeed a serious issue.

Finally, we also need to talk about issues with seatbelt pretensioners which are known to fail and thus can lead to injuries or even death in an event of an accident. Even though many of these seem really serious, the ix35 is a decently reliable car that should be able to last a decent amount of time without breaking down.

Suspension Issues

Many owners of the ix35 reported issues with the front suspension creaking while going over uneven surfaces and speed bumps. It is said that this issue is caused by excessive movement between the front upper suspension bearing and the front shock absorber rod. The fix to this issue seems to be really cheap and easy as it does not require replacement parts and adding extra sealant will do the trick.

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Other suspension issues include the front suspension making weird tapping noises which tend to lead toward a faulty front balance lever that will need replacing. Finally, we also need to mention rear suspension knocking which is caused by lower arm safety bolts becoming loose.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are common across multiple Hyundai models and are present in virtually all cars these days. Be that as it may, some of these are a bit more problematic than others such as issues with the battery or the alternator which can cause difficulty to start the car up and even lead to the car becoming stranded and needing a complete battery replacement and/or alternator repair/replacement.

Other electrical issues include problems with the infotainment system which is known to go blank or freeze. Exterior lighting and power windows can fail on older higher-mileage ix35 models, but that is to be expected to some degree.

Transmission Issues

As mentioned in the intro, the manual transmission in the ix35 is known to experience clutch-related issues where the master cylinder starts emitting weird burning smells which can lead to the clutch pedal becoming excessively soft. Some say that restarting the car can solve the issue temporarily, but will eventually lead to needing a brand-new master cylinder.

We also need to mention issues where the ix35 tends to jump out of gear for no apparent reason. This can be potentially really dangerous because your engine braking will stop. If this indeed does happen, take your car in for an inspection.

Fuel Leaks

It seems like 2011-2015 ix35 models tend to suffer from fuel leaks as Hyundai even recalled some of these for the exact reason. It is said that this issue is caused by a faulty fuel hose which will need replacing. Do keep in mind that fuel leaks are always really serious and should be dealt with immediately as they lead toward potential fire hazards.

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As such, be sure to take your car in for an inspection the moment you sense that your car might be leaking fuel.

Seatbelt Issues

To top off our list, we also need to talk about seatbelt pretensioner issues which can lead to serious injuries or even death in an event of an accident. The problem here is that the pretensioners tasked with keeping you in place while crashing cease to hold you in place which means that this system can cause more harm than good if you end up in an accident.

Therefore, be sure to go over the seatbelt tensioners and try to test them out with the great force to see if they are in perfect condition. If you sense any play and if the tensioners fail to restrain you even once, go ahead and replace all five of them as you don’t want to take such risks.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Hyundai ix35?

The ix35 is available in multiple model years which means that you are fairly spoiled for choice here. Early ix35 models are now bargain-level cheap but lack all the modern amenities you’d expect from a contemporary car. The 2011-2015 models are now also good used deals if they are completely sorted and don’t have loads of miles on the odometer.

Finally, the new ix35 can only be bought in China as the current global ix35 is actually now called the Tucson. No matter what you want to call it, both are good cars and aren’t likely to let you down as they are safe, reliable, efficient, and fairly well-equipped.

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 Why did Hyundai change the ix35 to Tucson?

Hyundai renamed the ix35 to Tucson because they wanted people to view Hyundai in a new way. They wanted people to shift perceptions towards the more premium end of the scale which Hyundai believes the new Tucson certainly deserves.

Even though this makes sense, the Tucson is not a true premium car, but it does slot neatly between true luxury compact SUVs and economy-level SUVs.

Is the Hyundai ix35 good at off-roading?

Hyundai is not too fussed about making off-road SUVs and that is apparent with the ix35. Even though this is an SUV and it can be had with AWD in certain trim levels and markets, it is not an off-road SUV. It is a city cruiser and a long-distance car 100%.

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