Common problems with Hyundai Getz

Hyundai Getz

The Hyundai Getz was first introduced back in 2002 and was in production until 2011. It is a subcompact three or five-door city car which was available in numerous markets all around the world under the name Getz, Click, Getz Prime, Hyundai TB, or the Inokom Getz. The Getz was replaced by the Hyundai i20 in 2012.

As far as the most common problems with Hyundai Getz are concerned, there are quite a few issues worth discussing. These include problems with the power delivery, electrical issues, issues with the suspension, issues with the brakes, and the car stalling. Some of these are more serious than others, but all are relatively common.

All in all, the Hyundai Getz was designed and manufactured in an era when Hyundai didn’t have the same level of reliability as it does now. This means that you should not expect the Getz to be as reliable as the i20, but you also shouldn’t expect it to be unreliable as a whole.

Either way, now it’s time to go in a more in-depth look at the Getz’s reliability. So, if you are in the market for the Getz, be sure to read this article!

Power Delivery Issues

There are quite a few acceleration and power delivery-related issues reported for the Hyundai Getz. Jerky acceleration is one where the spark plugs need inspecting as they can often cause misfiring and affect how well your car can deliver power to the wheels. The throttle body is also known to cause similar issues, so be sure to clean or replace it if necessary.

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If your Gets is emitting weird ticking noises while also not being able to deliver much power, chances are that there is an issue with one of your tappets. Before you do anything, be sure to inspect engine oil levels as these are also known to cause similar issues.

Electrical Issues

There are quite a few potential electrical issues with the Hyundai Gets starting with the rear windows which are known to fail quite often. The reason why this happens is due to a worn-out window regulator which will have to be replaced. Other electrical issues include problems with the front windows as well as with the radio.

Other electrical issues include problems with the starter motor, the exterior lighting, and potentially even with your power locks. All in all, you can expect these to occur on higher mileage Getz models more frequently as some of these components do tend to wear out early on.

Suspension Issues

The suspension of the Hyundai Getz is another point of interest as it also tends to suffer from a wide variety of issues. The most well-documented Hyundai Getz suspension issue is one where the front drop links fail. These can most easily be noticed by weird clunking noises coming from the two front wheel wells.

When going over rough surfaces and speed bumps, these should be much more noticeable as well. Other suspension issues are potential misalignment due to wear and tear of the drivetrain and relatively rare, but serious issues with the struts and the shocks.

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Issues With The Brakes

The braking system on the Hyundai Getz is actually decently reliable as a whole these days as the main issue with the system was associated with a recall Hyundai did to the Getz back in September of 2003. The issue here was that water could find its way into the ABS housing and corrode the wires to a degree in which the ABS system could fail completely.

This is indeed a really serious issue which is why it prompted an immediate recall. So, if you notice any ABS lights coming on, be sure to inspect the inside of the ABS system to see if there are any traces of water within.

 Car Stalling Issues

Also, a relatively common issue with the Hyundai Getz is when the car stalls often right after turning it on. These are customary during cold mornings, especially during a cold start. Many owners of the Getz reported that the car is known to surge and immediately stall not letting you turn it on.

It is said that this issue is down to a badly programmed transmission control module (TCM) which thankfully can be reprogrammed in most cases. If not, you will have to buy a new one.

FAQ Section

 Should I buy the Hyundai Getz?

If you are in the market for a used subcompact city car, the Hyundai Getz is indeed a really interesting choice. It may not be the most luxurious, the most spacious, or the most comfortable city car, but it is enough to offer a dependable point A to point B experience which is exactly what most people want from a city car.

Be that as it may, if you are not used to driving small cars with an upright driving position, you will probably dislike the Getz as many people said that it is not made for taller individuals and that anyone over 6 feet will struggle in both the front and the back.

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Is the Hyundai i20 better than the Hyundai Getz?

When Hyundai came out with the i20, it overshadowed the Getz in every way possible because it is a much better car in every sense of the way. It offers better engines, more power, and more space, and the i20 is much more stable and comfortable even though the overall footprint didn’t change all that much.

There really isn’t anything better with the Hyundai Getz compared to the i20 except maybe for the price which is to be expected since the Getz is a much older and much less popular car.

 Is Hyundai going to make a new Getz?

The chances of Hyundai making a new Getz model is non-existent as there really is no need for it. Hyundai now offers a few smaller cars from the i-series, but they will also offer a few new electric city cars which will be more than enough.

Moreover, small city cars aren’t as popular or as necessary as compact crossovers and small SUVs are which is why most brands are rather going to make cars like the Hyundai Kona as these are what the market wants.

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