Common problems with Citroën ë-Dispatch

The Citroen e-Dispatch/e-Jumpy is a relatively spacious family/business MPV/van that tries to combine the usability of a mid-size 9-seater van with the world of electric vehicles. As such, the e-Dispatch tries to cater to modern-day environmentally-conscious businesses and individuals who want both a practical van and one that does not pollute the environment.

However, before you decide to go out and buy yourself the new e-Dispatch/e-Jumpy, we first need to talk about reliability. First of all, the e-Jumpy/e-Dispatch is still a fairly new vehicle which means that we still can’t properly gauge if it is a reliable car or not. We will have to wait a few years before we can make a valid long-term assessment.

Be that as it may, some issues do seem to be causing headaches to existing e-Dispatch/e-Jumpy owners, and those are associated with the car’s electrical and charging system, the car’s equipment, issues with the airbags, and issues with the maximum advertised range.

All in all, the e-Dispatch/e-Jumpy should be a considerably more reliable car when compared to its combustion engine cousin because EVs should inherently be more reliable. Either way, we will have to wait a few years and see how well the e-Dispatch does as it is still way too early to say anything for certain.

Citroen e-Dispatch – Electrical issues

It seems like the Citroen e-Dispatch/e-Jumpy suffers from certain electrical issues associated with the car’s powertrain. Some owners have reported random losses of power which tend to go away once you restart the car. Others have pointed out many issues with the car’s infotainment screen which can often go blank and freeze. The same story goes for the rearview camera.

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Other issues are related to the car’s charging situation as it seems like outside temperature can play a drastic role in how many miles you are going to get out of your charger. Sadly, this is not all that rare across the entire world of EVs, but the e-Dispatch/e-Jumpy suffers from these issues more often than many other cars from this segment.

Citroen e-Dispatch – Equipment issues

Both older and newer, both combustion engine and electric Citroen vans/MPVs tend to suffer from various equipment-related issues. For starters, the sliding doors are prone to breaking as the latch/catch can break which will make it difficult to keep the doors opened or even to close them. Other issues include problems with the central locking as the wiring and clips tend to be fragile.

Also, be sure to pay close attention to the car’s interior trim quality and how well it copes with excessive wear and tear. According to a few owners, the A/C can fail which means that you will not be able to heat up or cool down your cabin whenever necessary. All in all, these issues tend to be small and easy to fix, but they are common.

Citroen e-Dispatch – Airbag issues

The Citroen e-Dispatch has been recalled along with many other modern-day Citroen models due to airbag-related issues. The fact is that Citroen tends to do recalls really often, and the e-Dispatch is also often part of those recalls. We also need to mention that the e-Dispatch was also recalled due to problems with the rear suspension.

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To know if your vehicle is affected by these recalls or not, you ought to give your dealership a call and ask. If your car is part of an active recall, I’d strongly suggest turning your car in to the dealership as these recalls tend to be free of charge. If you miss them, chances are that Citroen is not going to pay you for any of the repairs.

Citroen e-Dispatch – Issues with range

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t an issue per se as the e-Dispatch maximum range can be altered by weather, your driving style, and many other factors which are at play with all EVs, not just the e-Dispatch. However, they should still be mentioned as they do effectively cause issues, especially if you go for the smaller 50kWw model which comes with a much shorter 170-180km range at best.

However, if you live in a particularly cold climate, your maximum range could potentially shrink to just 100km which is rather nothing compared to what you can get from certain cars. If you also add lots of weight on top of the e-Dispatch during cold weather season, your range might drop to below 100km at a full charge which is really bad.

 FAQ Section

Should I buy a Citroen e-Dispatch?

It depends on your usage scenario and if you deem an electric van a worthwhile investment. If you tend to drive shorter distances in an urban environment each day and you have access to a garage with a power outlet, it makes sense to buy the e-Dispatch as electric vans come with all sorts of benefits such as tax cuts, cheaper parking, and cheaper running costs in general.

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On the other hand, if you tend to use your vans for commercial purposes and if you want to do long-distance journeys, the reality is that an electric van simply isn’t the best idea. A diesel van might sound bad, but diesel is still best when it comes to long-distance commercial vehicles.

Is the Citroen e-Dispatch better than the e-SpaceTourer?

The Citroen e-Dispatch/e-Jumpy is the better choice if you are after a commercial/business van/MPV while the e-SpaceTourer is more tailored towards personal and family use. Even though these are almost identical, they are designed to excel in different areas. However, no matter which one you end up going for, you are not going to make a massive mistake as they are really similar at the end of the day.

Is Citroen still offering combustion engine Dispatch/Jumpy models?

Yes, you can still buy a diesel or a gasoline-powered Dispatch/Jumpy model if you so desire. It’s worth mentioning that both of these are significantly cheaper when compared to the e-Dispatch and even are a bit more practical as well. Besides that, all three of these are almost identical.

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