Common problems with Audi S5

Audi S5 problems

The Audi S5 is made for people who prefer both style and substance because it is sleek, stylish, but also dynamic and fast. The S5 is a true luxury car and it manages to bridge the gap between the relatively subdued Audi A5 and the overly aggressive Audi RS5. The S5 can do both unassuming luxury cruising and rapid 0-60mph times which makes it a really good package.

When it comes to reliability, the S5 seems to be holding up nicely, at least the newer models do. Earlier models are now more than 15 years old which means that if they weren’t maintained adequately, they are going to suffer. That is why many of these on the 2nd hand market have depreciated a lot.

The most common Audi S5 issues are associated with the engine, transmission, the vehicle speed sensor, the equipment, and sometimes even the electronics. Some of these issues such as electrical issues can be easily fixed via a software update while others like the issues associated with the engine are a bit more difficult to fix.

All in all, the Audi S5 is a decently reliable car, yet only if you maintain it. Newer Audi S5 models are much more reliable, but you can also enjoy an older S5 if you manage to find one in decent condition.

Audi S5 – Engine issues

Older Audi S5 models that use the 4.2L naturally aspirated V8 engine suffers from a carbon build-up issue. Carbon deposits form on top of the intake manifold and need to be cleaned every now and then or the engine will suffer. Newer S5 models that use the 3.0L turbo V6 are known to suffer from issues related to ignition coils.

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This comes as no surprise as many VAG Audi engines are known to suffer from ignition coil-related issues. This means that spar plug issues could also arise eventually. The easiest way to solve both of these is to replace all faulty components with new ones because that tends to solve the issue in the long run.

Audi S5 – Transmission issues

Older S5 models are available with either an automatic or even a manual transmission, but most people opted for the automatic. Newer S5 models come exclusively with Audi’s trusty S-Tronic gearbox, but it seems like the S-Tronic suffers from issues while paired with the V6 more than it usually does.

Most transmission issues are not overly serious though which means that they affect the quality of the driving experience more than they do the mechanics. This means that you are likely going to feel the transmission being lazy, hesitant, jittery, or sometimes even slow to respond.

Audi S5 – Vehicle speed sensor issues

Issues related to advanced active driver assistance systems are relatively common with the S5 and some of them are worse than others. Many owners have complained about the S5 suffering from overly intrusive lane keep assist systems which tend to push you into the lane as opposed to guiding you in a safer and predictable manner.

A few owners have even complained about the car registering obstacles that simply weren’t there when the car thought they were. This resulted in a few of these randomly braking without any warnings whatsoever.

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 Audi S5 – Equipment issues

The Audi S5 is a car brimming with technology and features, but some of those features are more prone to breaking than others. For example, the sunroof found on modern S5 and A5 models is known to get stuck, and some owners have even complained about the sunroof shattering while driving.

Furthermore, the S5 is also available as a convertible, and everyone is aware that a soft-top convertible top is known to break from time to time. Other equipment issues include creaking in the interior and potential rattles, even at low mileage cars.

Audi S5 – Electrical issues

The most common Audi S5 electrical issue is related to the infotainment system which is known to glitch out or completely turn itself off. The rearview backup camera is also sometimes known to fail which means that restarting it should solve the issue.

No matter which software issue it is, the best thing you can do is to restart it or even reset it if possible. If none of these solve the issue, you could then try and update it. If this does not solve the issue, it is likely due to hardware-related problems.

FAQ Section

Is the Audi S5 a sports car?

The Audi S5 can be considered a sports car, but it is primarily a luxury car and that is apparent the moment you step inside of it. The S5 Coupe probably feels like the sportiest S5 model you can get while the Sportback 4-door version feels similar, but not as focused.

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The convertible S5 feels sporty as well but in a soft-top-cruiser type of way. If you are someone who has never driven a true sports car, the S5 will feel like the sportiest car you’ve ever driven. However, if you are used to driving a sports car, the S5 will feel like a comfortable luxury car with a sporty edge.

Which Audi S5 is the best?

The best Audi S5 is the newest 2022 model and that is obvious because it looks better than the pre-facelift 2nd gen S5 and is also more reliable. Older 4.2L V8 S5 models are the craziest S5 models yet, but they are a bit too old and are really fuel inefficient.

All S5 models are great, but the newest 2022 model is by far the best one yet.

Is the Audi S5 a good family car?

The Audi S5 is actually a great family car because it is spacious, comfortable, and safe. The sporty edge you get with the S5 is not too aggressive which means that it balances being both a luxury cruiser and a sports car really well.

The Sportback 4-door version of the S5 is undoubtedly the best version you can get while the coupe and convertible models are also good if your family has up to two babies tops.

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