Can you use a dog crate in the car?

Traveling with your dog seems like a great idea, but before you decide to embark on such a journey you need to keep in mind that just letting your dog roam loose inside the car is extremely dangerous To avoid such things from happening, make sure you secure your dog properly and follow a few helpful tips along the way.

You should always prioritize safety for yourself, your passengers, and your dog. As such, finding an appropriate dog crate is essential. Even though you can choose a bunch of different harnesses and trunk guards, a dog crate is probably the best idea if your dog is not too large.

That being said, if you do own a larger dog, you are better off buying a hatchback and using a dedicated trunk divider or a dog-specific harness belt. In the beginning, it might be a bit challenging for the dog, especially so if you are setting off on a longer trip.

But after a while, your dog should become a bit more comfortable inside the crate. Before you buy a dog crate, make sure that the crate is large enough so the dog can sit and turn around comfortably, any smaller than that is a no-go.

How to travel with a dog

Before you start securing the crate inside the car, make sure your dog is comfortable and that it has enough space inside the crate. You ought to place the crate in specific areas so the crate is not able to roll around the interior.

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A dog crate can be placed either on the backseats or in the trunk area. It all depends on how comfortable the dog is and what type of car you are driving. If you are driving a sedan for example, never put your crate inside the trunk, if you own a hatchback/estate, you can put the crate in the trunk.

The easiest and most convenient way of securing your dog is to put up a dedicated divider between the trunk and the backseats. If your dog is too large, you can even let him roam around the trunk a little bit, but make sure the divider is sturdy and properly connected.

As mentioned previously, sedans are not designed to accompany a dog inside the trunk area, and the best way to transport the dog inside a sedan is to use a dog crate. Try to opt for a higher quality crate, place it on the back seats and buckle it down using the safety belt.

Making the dog feel comfortable

A key aspect of stress-free traveling is a relaxed dog. And if you want your dog to be relaxed during a long trip, there are a couple of tips to help you along the way. If you train your dogs to use a crate while they are young, it should benefit you when they get older.

Dogs don’t like feeling trapped, and as such, the crate should be large enough. Moreover, the crate should also be airy and full of light. You can also train with the dog by regularly taking short trips around the neighborhood with the dog in the crate.

If you do this for a few weeks, eventually your dog will become more relaxed. It’s essential that your dog thinks that the crate is somewhat of a shelter, so try to make it more comfortable by using dog-friendly fabrics and toys that can not choke or injure the dog while traveling.

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Securing the crate

You can secure the crate in the trunk area or on the backseats depending on the size of the dog and the crate. If you own a larger dog, try not to snug the crate into the backseats as it’s essential for the dog to have enough space to turn around and stand up inside the crate.

Placing a huge crate on the backseats can also be dangerous and it can block your visibility, both of which should always be avoided. If you are securing a smaller dog, backseat seat belts should be enough. All you have to do is thread the seatbelt through the dedicated safety straps on the crate and connect the buckle.

If you put the crate inside the trunk, make sure that the trunk lining is not too slippery. Also, make sure you tie the crate down using tethering hooks usually found in trunk areas in all newer cars these days. Inspect the seat belts and all the tie-down straps before you go on a journey, every time you go on a journey.

FAQ Section

How to travel with a cat?

If you are traveling in a car, using a dedicated cat crate is the best option for 99% of situations. Make sure you pack all the necessary supplies beforehand and that the cat is fed at least a few hours before travel.

If you are going on an airplane, there are two ways your cat can travel. Either with you inside the cabin which is usually a lot more expensive compared to placing the cat in the cargo area. It’s also worth mentioning that many airline companies don’t allow any pets inside the cabin except for a few medical exceptions.

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Is it illegal to travel with an unrestrained dog?

In some countries, you are not legally allowed to travel with a dog roaming free inside the car, and the logic for this is simple. Many accidents have shown that unrestrained dogs can make a great bit of damage, especially so if the dog is larger.

Besides this, dogs can distract you from driving, and this is a common reason why many dog-related car accidents took place. As such, it’s highly advisable that you secure your dog while traveling, and there are many different ways one can do so.

What should I never do while traveling with a dog?

First and foremost, don’t leave the dog inside the car on a hot summery day. The temperature inside a car can get incredibly high really quickly, so even if you do leave your dog inside the car, make sure you leave the A/C on.

Moreover, you should also never feed the dog while traveling as this can greatly increase the chances of choking. You also shouldn’t be letting your dog through an opened window because debris can fly into the dog’s eyes and cause significant damage.

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