Can Blind spot detection be added to a used car?

According to a few online sources, an average car in the US is around 11-12 years old which means that many state-of-the-art safety technologies are still unavailable to the general public. Newer advancements in the auto industry made cars more reliable and longer-lasting so there is no need to upgrade to a newer car anymore.

As such, it’s possible to add certain technologies to used cars including blind spot detection, but you should do your research regarding the specific car you own in order not to make a bad decision. While you are at it, you should also invest in adding a few similar yet essential features such as a backup camera or collision detection systems.

Systems such as these are designed to make your driving experience safer, but you need to integrate these systems as best as possible in order to avoid any potential design flaws that may occur after prolonged use.

Anyhow, be sure to read this article to find out how you can add Blind spot detection and many other advanced driver assistance systems to your car easily and reliably. You need to be aware that retrofitting systems such as these usually mean that you will pay more money than you otherwise would if you opted for these features from the factory.

Adding Blind Spot Assist to your used car – A retrofit

Maybe the car you own did offer the blind spot assistance feature from the factory but the used car you bought was not equipped with one. Trying to find an example that does offer these systems usually means compromising on all the other specifics tied to that specific car which are sometimes a bit too expensive or inconvenient.

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However, there are ways one can retrofit a blind-spot assistance system on a used car by simply buying the technology from a dealer as a spare part. For instance, most of these systems are housed within the rear-view mirror housings which means that you can buy these mirrors and fit them on your car.

You do need to do some coding however so it’s always best to ask your dealer about retrofitting any safety system on a used car. It is essential that you leave these tasks to trained professionals as these installations need to be as precise as possible in order not to create a safety hazard down the line.

Adding Blind Spot Assist to your used car – Aftermarket systems

If the car you own does not come with blind-spot assist and it was also never offered with one from the factory, the best thing you can do is to opt for an aftermarket system. Here you should pay a great deal of attention on finding the best system you can in order to maximize safety and minimize the risks.

As such, systems made by Gosher are known to be reliable and well-functioning even after years of use. They tend to cost between $200 to $300 without installation which means that they represent the upper price category as far as blind-spot assistance systems are concerned.

You should also leave the installation process to a professional because these systems need to be integrated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Pay close attention to the warranty because you need to have one if something ever fails or causes additional expenses.

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Adding additional advanced driver safety systems

Blind spot detection systems are not the only useful safety and assistance system you can get for your used car because you should also opt for a backup camera installation if your car does not already have one. You can buy a high-quality waterproof backup camera with night vision for less than $200.

Forward collision detection systems and lane departure warning systems are also beneficial if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel because they offer you an additional layer of safety. Systems such as these tend to cost around $1000, but they do come with all sorts of additional features such as traffic sign, cyclists, and pedestrian detection.

However, if you want to minimize your costs and increase your overall safety you should opt for a dashboard camera that also doubles as a collision warning detection system. These are incredibly useful if an event of an accident because they save you from a world of trouble when it comes to court proceedings.

FAQ Section

Is Blind spot monitoring worth the price?

Blind spot monitoring systems are indeed worth the price because they can save you in tricky situations where your life could also be in danger. They also take the strain out of long highway journeys because they are able to detect a car in your blind spot area without you even needing to turn around.

If you often drive long distances these can make the entire trip a lot more comfortable and safer. As such, they are definitely worth the price, especially from new.

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How safe are Blind spot detection systems?

Blind spot detection systems are safe and reliable but they should not replace your overall awareness no matter how advanced they are. They are as the name suggests only assistance systems which mean that you should never rely on them completely.

Always keep a sentient eye on everything that’s going on around you and be sure to look behind you whenever you want to perform a lane change. However, if the system recognizes someone in your blind spot you can just wait before the car passes.

Which advanced driver assistance system is the most useful?

A backup camera is the most important software safety system you can get in a modern-day car because it improves your overall visibility and increases your overall safety. It also makes it easier to park the car and maneuver it through tight spaces.

All newer cars being sold in the US come with a backup camera as standard which means that you cant buy a new car anymore if it does not come with a backup camera. This only reiterates the fact that a backup camera is now an essential aspect of in-car safety.

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