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Modern-day trucks are a far cry from trucks from a few decades ago because they are now full of all sorts of comfort and luxury features that were once reserved only for top-of-the-line SUVs and sedans. As such, modern-day trucks are fit for all many purposes which means that they are closer to an SUV than they are to a truck of old.

However, pick-up trucks for seniors need to offer specific features in order to make them more senior-friendly. These features consist out of easy accessibility, great all-around visibility, a safe and thoroughly crash-tested platform, comfort, and intuitiveness.

Furthermore, older drivers also benefit from features such as power deployable running boards, electronic tailgate openers, adjustable suspension, multi-way adjustable seats and steering wheels. Given the fact that most 21st century pickups offer the majority of these features, it’s safe to say that there are lots of senior-friendly trucks on the market.

Be sure to consider the new RAM1500, Ford F-150, and the Honda Ridgeline if you want the best senior-friendly truck you can get. You should also take a look at the Chevy Silverado and the Toyota Tacoma as these two are also generous to older drivers.

Dodge RAM 1500

The new Dodge RAM1500 holds a lot of superlatives under its sleeve which make it one of the best pick-up trucks you can buy these days. The RAM1500 is also rated with a Top Safety Pick + rating for the IIHS crash testing regulations which make it superior as far as crash safety is concerned.

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Besides being safe, the RAM1500 is also easily accessible because you can opt for power deployable running boards and an electric tailgate. The infotainment system is intuitive and the 1500 also offers great all-around visibility. The suspension is comfortable and so are the seats which means that the 1500 is also great as a long-distance car.

Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is arguably the most SUV-ish pick-up truck out of the bunch because it mostly tailors towards the comfort side of utility vehicles. This does mean that the hauling and towing potentials the Ridgeline offers are not nearly as impressive as the ones with all the other pickups on this list.

The Ridgeline is arguably the best mid-size truck you can buy these days because it offers a refined chassis which makes it great for senior drivers. The Ridgeline is easy to access while also offering superior visibility all-around. The engines on offer are efficient and the safety credentials of the Ridgeline are also more than decent.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the US for a long time now because it offers a bit of everything in a relatively affordable price category. Even though the MSRP of the F-150 can even triple if you go for the higher-end trim options and engine choices, it seems that the majority of customers still believe that such models are well worth it.

The newer F-150 trucks take advantage of a new aluminum-based architecture which makes the F-150 lighter than most of its competitors. This also improves comfort, agility, and efficiency. The F-150 is also easily accessible thanks to all sorts of gadgets such as deployable running boards while the driving position and the visibility are top-notch.

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Chevy Silverado

The Dodge RAM, the F-150, and the Chevy Silverado are the three most popular pick-up trucks in the US because they represent the very essence of US working man culture. However, where the Chevy Silverado differs is because it packs loads of standard equipment listed even with the entry-level model.

This means that the Silverado might as well be the best value option from the trio. Besides being relatively affordable, the Silverado also comes with all the aforementioned features just like the other two most popular trucks in the US.

Toyota Tacoma

To finish off the list of the best pick-up trucks for senior drivers, be sure to check out the Toyota Tacoma because this mid-size pick-up truck is the perfect middle ground between a more urban-oriented Honda Ridgeline and the more utility-oriented full-size trucks.

The Tacoma also offers great off-road capabilities, an incredibly reliable platform, and the best engine out of the lot. For years now, the Tacoma has been a fairly popular choice with older drivers because it’s so comfortable and refined. The driving position is adjustable to great lengths and the interior cabin is rather high-end without being too flashy or difficult to get used to.

FAQ Section

Why do people love pick-up trucks so much?

Pick-up trucks are arguably the center point of US automotive culture because they combine utility, comfort, and off-road ability in a fairly affordable package. Many small businesses in the US rely on pick-up trucks to satisfy their daily logistical needs which means that these are perfect for a variety of purposes.

As a working man, the pick-up truck is the best type of car you get. Furthermore, trucks have also become more luxurious and refined which means that a lot of these are being used in the city and the countryside.

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What is the best electric pick-up truck on the market?

The two best electric pick-up trucks on the market right now are the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Rivian R1T. Both of these are way more practical when compared to all the older traditional ICE pick-up trucks because they offer multiple storage spaces through the car.

They are more refined even though they are a lot heavier. It makes sense to opt for either of these two if you are able to enjoy an electric car without making too many daily sacrifices. However, electric pick-up trucks are only starting to hit the market so it’s also a good idea to wait a while before there are more options to choose from.

Why should I buy an SUV over a pick-up truck?

SUVs are better family cars and they are usually more refined for both highway driving and city driving. However, they lack when it comes to the utility because they don’t offer large beds on the back. Be that as it may, if you are not a working man and you use your car for general driving, an SUV might be a better choice.

An SUV is also a better family car because it offers more seating space compared to a truck. The luxury levels an SUV offers are almost always a step above a comparable pick-up truck.

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