Best Porsche Boxster wind deflector

If you love driving a sports car convertible, a Porsche Boxster is surely worth considering. But driving a top-down convertible without a wind deflector might actually deter you from ever lowering the roof.  

This is a common issue for all convertible platforms, and a quality wind deflector will enable you to feel the wind-in-your-hair freedom without too much wind buffeting. Some wind deflectors are flimsy and clunky to use, others might require you to even drill into your beloved Porsche.

The best wind deflector is probably going to be the factory wind deflector Porsche usually ships with your Boxster model, but if you are unable to source an OEM Porsche wind deflector, there a few aftermarket deflectors to choose from.

No matter which one you end up choosing, make sure you fit the deflector properly to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience. A good idea would be to consult with a Porsche specialist or browse through a few Porsche forums and try to get some information directly from a Porsche owner.

Porsche OEM wind deflectors

Sourcing out a genuine Porsche wind deflector might be a bit of a challenge if you are using an older Porsche Boxster model, but a factory Porsche wind deflector is always a good idea. Some websites sell a bunch of Porsche parts, and you might end up finding an OEM Porsche wind deflector there.

Some specific sites like offer a wide variety of all kinds of Porsche parts and accessories, and almost all of them are genuine Porsche parts. For the ones that are not, Suncoast always advertises a non-genuine Porsche part accordingly.

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For the 986 Boxster, Suncoast offers a $439 plexiglass/mesh wind deflector that greatly reduces the driver and passenger air turbulence. This deflector uses a plexiglass panel for the rear window which means that your rear visibility is not going to be impaired. Furthermore, this deflector is fairly common on  986 Boxsters.

If you own a 918/718 Boxster, Suncoast parts offer a genuine Porsche wind deflector for as low as $150, and the hardware installation kit costs an additional $160. This wind deflector is offered with a 981/718 Boxster from the factory, so in most cases, this is the best deflector for this generation of the Boxster.

Custom Porsche wind deflectors

There are a few companies out there that specialize in custom-made Porsche parts. Some of them even offer you to completely customize your wind deflector using specific materials, graphics, and production methods.

Some of these wind deflectors can also be kitted out with blingy LED lights, which are not something you’d necessarily want for a Porsche. But, some of these wind deflectors are good at deflecting the wind, and not sacrificing aesthetics and interior space.

Even Porsche OEM wind deflectors are not using glass for rear deflectors, but companies such as these are willing to do anything if you can pay for it. Plus, you will proudly own a highly limited wind deflector, which might boost the appeal in some cases.

You can find these through Amazon/eBay and the prices usually range from $250-$500 depending on what you want to do with your wind deflector. Customized engravings will set you back an additional $85, but the good thing is that some of these manufacturers are willing to offer a lifetime warranty, which is not the case for most wind deflector manufacturers.

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Regular eBay/Amazon Porsche Boxster wind deflectors

Truth be told, a wind deflector is not some complex feat of engineering, and spending a few hundred dollars for a custom or a Porsche OEM wind deflector might seem a bit of a stretch, especially so if you are only driving top-down a couple of times per year.

In that case, you can always browse eBay or Amazon for a regular, mostly Chinese-made wind deflector. These are usually made out of plastic and mesh, but some of them might offer a polycarbonate rear window. Obviously, these will not last you not nearly as long as an OEM Porsche wind deflector will.

You can buy these for as low as $50, but there are some more faithful options in the $100-200 region, but you are better of spending a bit more and buying an OEM Porsche wind deflector. You can sometimes even find a used factory Porsche wind deflector for a really affordable price.

FAQ Section

Do I need a wind deflector for my Porsche Boxster?

It depends on a few different aspects. If you are driving with your windows down, then a wind deflector is not going to help much, but if you are driving with your windows up, a proper, well-fitted wind deflector is definitely going to lower the air turbulence inside the cabin.

If you are rarely using your Boxster top-down, or you primarily drive it at lower speeds, a wind deflector is not as necessary as it might be if you were using your Boxster for longer distance topdown driving. That being said, a wind deflector is always a useful piece of equipment, so you should try it out before making any decisions.

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How reliable are the Porsche Boxster wind deflector mounts?

There are a few ongoing discussions online about the reliability of the Porsche Boxster wind deflector mounts. Some models, especially the older ones are prone to rattling issues with the clips used for mounting the wind deflector.

But there isn’t sufficient data online about any other issue considering the clips or the rest of the Porsche wind deflector equipment. No matter the case, just make sure you mount your wind deflector properly so it does not fly off at higher speeds.

What is a primary purpose of a wind deflector?

A wind deflector – deflects wind, but the primary reason for a wind deflector is the ability to go top-down more often. A wind deflector does not only reduce up to 75% of wind inside the cabin, but you will also be able to drive your car with the roof down earlier in the spring and later into the fall.

A wind deflector also increases the general comfort inside the car, as there is less wind, you can listen to your music or your passengers without much issues. If you can, go ahead and test it out, and you will probably realize that you do need a wind deflector after all.

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