Are blind spot sensors worth it?

The majority of modern cars come with all sorts of advanced driver assistance systems which also include blind-spot monitoring, lane keep assist, forward collision detection systems, cross-traffic alert systems, 360-degree parking cameras, automatic braking, and a lot more.

Some of these are more useful than others which means that not all of them are worth the asking price. Systems such as blind-spot detections are indeed worth it because they offer an additional layer of safety and convenience without hurting your back account too much.

However, systems such as these are not perfect and you should never rely on them when it comes to making a lane change. They are only here to assist you and that’s why you should never trust systems such as these completely.

Other ADAS systems such as cross-traffic alert can be useful but they are rarely ever used and the same goes for lane keep assist which can often be way too aggressive. These systems need to be integrated perfectly in order for them not to intrude on your driving experience too much while also keeping you safe.

Benefits of blind-spot detection systems

The first benefit of the blind spot detection system is the fact that it makes a lane change both easier and safer. Even though you should not rely on systems such as these they still do take the strain out of long highway journeys because you know someone is in your blind spot if the systems tell you so.

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This means that you will not have to turn around to make a lane change if the system warns you about someone being in your blind spot. However, when you do decide to make a lane change you should turn around and check just to be 100% sure.

Systems such as these also help your resale value so it’s not like you are wasting money on useless technology. These indications also follow the traffic around you at all times which works best if they are paired with high-def cameras and lane keep assist.

Drawbacks of blind spot detection

At first glance these systems make you feel like you don’t even have to turn around when you want to make a lane change and that’s the biggest problem systems such as these present. They lower your overall awareness even though they are only intended to assist you.

Furthermore, systems such as these sometimes be a bit too aggressive while notifying you with both sound and blinking so they can often confuse you while driving which is never a good idea. Systems such as these tend to create all sorts of sounds while engaging the turn signals which means that many drivers are now not even willing to use turn signals.

These systems are sometimes also heavily problematic during adverse weather conditions and if the sensors are covered with road grime and dirt. This can often mean that they will not function when they should or they will turn on when they should not.

Lane change do’s and dont’s

Performing a simple lane change might seem like an easy thing to do because it is, but only if everything is as it should be. As such, it’s important to remember that sometimes making a lane change can create all sorts of issues associated with your life, your car, and everyone else around you.

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Always be sure to look around you whenever you want to make a lane change no matter how advanced your blind spot detection systems are. Keep the sensors clean at all times and be sure to use your turn signal at all times no matter how intrusive the blind spot alert system can be.

Avoid doing aggressive lane changes and cutting people off, especially on the highway. Overtaking on the right is also not something you should be doing. All in all, be sure to follow all the traffic rules while performing a lane change and never rely on these systems to the fullest because they are known to be faulty at times.

FAQ Section

Can you install blind-spot monitoring sensors on your used car?

Yes, you can do so by either opting to retrofit them or by going through the aftermarket route depending on if the car in question was even available with blind-spot assistance from the factory. If so, the best thing you can do is to retrofit the existing system, but if you can’t you should opt for an aftermarket one.

A retrofit is likely going to benefit your resale value while an aftermarket system might even lower it. However, be sure to leave the installation process to a professional if you want to maximize your in-car safety and you want the system to be reliable for the longest.

How much does blind-spot monitoring cost?

It depends on whether you opt for a system from the factory or you decide to buy an aftermarket one. The most affordable systems tend to cost between $200 and $250 but you should never skimp on technologies such as these so be sure to prioritize dependability and performance over the price tag itself.

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Midrange aftermarket blind spot assistance systems can cost anywhere between $300-500 and the most advanced ones can easily reach $1000. The most expensive systems tend to include all sorts of additional features such as traffic sign recognition signs, lane keep assist, and so on.

Where are the blind spot detection sensors located?

Most cars place these systems directly on the rear bumpers because on each side. Some automakers tend to place these within the taillights or even on the mirrors themselves. You can also find a few examples where automakers integrated these sensors within the parking sensors which makes it easy to reach these if something goes wrong.

It all depends on how advanced the system is and if it comes with a dedicated blind spot assistance camera. The most advanced blind spot assistance systems are loaded with all sorts of additional features which make the system a lot more sophisticated and scattered around all four corners of the car.

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