What is the hardest thing to fix on a car?

Fixing a car in the past was easy as you only needed to have a few tools and some knowledge to make fixes. However, today’s cars are more complicated than ever, making fixing some issues to be quite challenging. But what is the hardest thing to fix on a car?

The hardest thing to fix on a car normally depends on the car model and make. A thing that’s hard to fix on an Audi may be easy to fix on a Mercedes and vice versa. Overall, the hardest parts to fix on a car include the engine, transmission, clutch, bodywork, spark plugs, air conditioner, and suspension parts.

Here are the hardest things to fix on a car:

Engine replacement

If you’ve ever tried replacing the engine, you can easily attest that it’s the most difficult thing to fix on a car. Since buying a new car is a costly endeavor, many people opt to replace an engine with a company remanufactured engine.

Besides, if any of the engine parts go bad, working on them is never easy as some engines will need dismantling in order to access some parts. Some of the hardest parts to fix on an engine include the intake manifold, turbocharger, valves, and cylinder head.


Even an experienced and well-equipped DIY enthusiast won’t attempt to work on the car’s transmission, let alone change it. The transmission is one of the hardest and most expensive parts of a car to fix. This is because it’s very complicated to work.

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That’s why many car owners don’t address transmission issues quickly but wait until the fluid is licking to visit a professional mechanic. Note that an automatic transmission is even more problematic to fix than a manual transmission.


A clutch is among the car parts that you will have to deal with often than usual. You will be required to replace the clutch every 30,000 miles. What makes it difficult to replace the clutch is that you will have to remove the transmission first, before you can access it.

Spark plugs

Like a clutch, spark plugs also wear out faster. Therefore, they are among the car parts that will need closer monitoring and replacement after a few miles. Despite being small, accessing and removing spark plugs can be very challenging. That’s why they are usually left for professional mechanics.

Recharging or repairing an air conditioner

Another car part that’s difficult to work on is the air conditioner. Whether it’s just fixing or replacing the air conditioner, the tasks are not easy. This is because it involves lots of parts that are hidden and have to be removed to access it.

Straightening a frame

Straightening a car frame is no joke. Not only is this task cumbersome and time-consuming, but it also needs specialized equipment. On top of that, it needs a lot of force to be applied to straighten the frame. As a result, this repair should be left for professional mechanics with the right tools to handle it.


A car’s bodywork does not just involve tools and energy, but it also requires one to have the skills. This is because it’s hard, demanding, doesn’t tolerate small mishaps, and it’s time-consuming. So, don’t waste your time trying to do bodywork as you may end up making huge mistakes. 

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Mounting and balancing tires

As simple as this repair task looks, it needs professional handling as a small mistake can be costly. Besides, balancing tires requires specialized equipment to ensure that all tires are properly aligned and don’t cause havoc while on the road.


What is the easiest thing to fix in a car?

Buying a car is a huge investment. Even after you’ve bought a car, the expenses don’t end there as you have to maintain and repair it after some time to keep running. If you want to cut down on costs, you can repair some of the easy fixes on your car. These include:

  • Replacing the engine air filter
  • Replacing wiper blades
  • Change non-headlight bulbs
  • Fix a leaky sunroof
  • Fix tears in leather and vinyl
  • Replace broken antenna
  • Fix small dents and door dings
  • Change power steering fluid
  • Change oil 
  • Change brake fluid 

What are the most difficult cars to fix?

Before you spend your hard-earned cash on any of these cars, think twice. The following cars are very difficult to fix and will cost you a lot for simple repairs. They include Aston Martin Lagonda, Renault Le Car, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz 600 Grosser, and Audi Allroad.

What are the easiest cars to fix?

If you want to spend less time at the garage when your car breaks down, there are several cars that you should consider getting. These include Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, Lada Niva, Chevrolet Silverado, Subaru BRZ, Toyota Tacoma, and Jeep Wrangler.

What is the most expensive thing to fix in a car?

The transmission is the most expensive thing to fix in a car. It is followed closely by the engine. Depending on your car make and model, replacing a transmission can cost you somewhere between $3,500 and $5,000. This is a lot of money to spend on a car part.

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What is the most expensive car part to replace?

The transmission may be the most expensive car part to fix, but the engine and cylinders are the most expensive car parts to replace. Again, depending on your car brand and model, you may have to pay between $7,000 and $10,000 to replace the engine and cylinders.

Final thoughts

Despite some cars being easy to repair, there are some things that are better left for professional mechanics to handle. These include replacing the engine, changing transmission, bodywork, changing clutch, and replacing spark plugs. Handling any of these issues can end up costing you a lot if you make a mistake.

So, it’s better to call a professional mechanic or tow your car to an auto shop for professional handling. Working on your car can save you money but not when the issues are too risky to handle.

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