Volkswagen Polo years to avoid – The best and worst years

Volkswagen Polo

most popular subcompact hatchbacks out there which means that many people are considering buying one. These cars are popular with both older and younger people which means that the potential customer base is really wide. However, not all VW Polo model years are the same.

For starters, the Polo was introduced back in 1975 and has since spawned six different generations. Pre-2009 Volkswagen Polo models are now really old and there really isn’t any interest in buying these 2nd hand. Either way, you ought to focus your attention on the 2014-2022 models.

To start off this list, we are first going to mention the VW Polo model years you should avoid, and those are all model years before 2009, the 2009 model, and the 2015 model. The best VW Polo model years to buy are the 2022 model, the 2017 model, and the 2014 model.

All in all, it’s often more important how well the car has been taken care of before you consider it as opposed to the model year itself. As such, no matter which generation of the VW Polo interests you, do a pre-purchase inspection whenever you can.

The worst VW Polo years

 1. Pre-2009 Volkswagen Polo is the worst

Value-wise, pre-2009 Volkswagen Polo models can be had for next to nothing which is a big reason why you could consider one. However, before you do, you need to be aware of all the issues that plague gasoline engines from that era. Some owners have said that these older VW Polo models are extremely unreliable and simply aren’t worth it.

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Diesel engines are much better, but they aren’t particularly eco-friendly or safe. It’s just the fact that these cars come from a different era and they aren’t equipped with almost any safety features except for an airbag or two.

2. 2009 Volkswagen Polo

2009 was the year when Volkswagen came out with the 5th generation of the Polo and this generation has seen great improvements over its predecessors. However, the 2009 Volkswagen Polo model is notorious for fuel leaks, airbag issues, high oil consumption, and sometimes even a loose camshaft adjuster.

These also come with early iterations of the DPF which is a known gripe on older diesel cars. If you are going to go for a 2009 model, you are better off with a smaller gasoline engine as these are much better when it comes to commuting.

3. 2015 Volkswagen Polo

The Mk5 Volkswagen Polo has been recalled five times which is something to consider. The 2015 model was part of two serious recalls, one was in regards to faulty child locks while the other was associated with failing front seats which can tear themselves off in an event of a crash.

Furthermore, about 3,000 2015 VW Polo models were also recalled due to problems with the camshaft adjuster pulley breaking and thus causing all sorts of issues.

The best VW Polo years

1. 2022 Volkswagen Polo is the best Polo so far

The best model year of the Volkswagen Polo is the newest 2022 model as it combines the most modern features with the most efficient powertrains. Besides that, the latest Polo also got a well-deserved modernization package both on the inside and the outside.

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We do need to mention that only highly-specified Volkswagen Polo models benefit from these features, but that is rather expected these days. Throughout the years, Volkswagen managed to keep upgrading the Polo, and now, it is a full-package car.

2. 2017 Volkswagen Polo

If you are interested in buying an Mk6 generation of the Polo, you should focus your attention on the 2017 model as it is the one with the fewest complaints overall. This is because the 2017 Polo came around after most of the recalls and is, as such, a much better car directly from the factory.

Moreover, the values of these aren’t too different from 2015 and 2016 models, so it makes all the sense in the world to go for a 2017 as opposed to earlier Mk6 models.

3. 2014 Volkswagen Polo

The best VW Mk5 Polo model year is the 2014 model which is also the very last year Volkswagen was building the Mk5 before they introduced the Mk6. The 2014 Polo is simply better value than the model years that came before it as they share pretty much the same used car price.

Besides that, the 2014 Polo seems to have fewer complaints overall which is also why it beats out all other Mk5 Polo model years.

FAQ Section

Is the Volkswagen Polo a good used car?

The Volkswagen Polo can be a great used car if you are willing to compromise on space and overall comfort. This is not to say that the Polo is an uncomfortable car, but it is really small and lacks a lot of features you’d come to expect from modern-day cars.

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The best environment to use the VW Polo is a city. It is a small and nimble car with good fuel efficiency which is perfect for a city car. Long-distance highway journeys can also be done with the VW Polo, but there are many other cars in this price range that tend to do this better.

Is the Volkswagen Polo GTI a performance car?

The Volkswagen Polo GTI is one of the best-kept secrets as far as tiny performance cars are concerned. With such a short wheelbase and sporty suspension, the Polo GTI is fast and agile enough no matter the environment. It is not really a track car, but as a road car, it is every bit as good its larger brother, the Golf GTI.

It comes as no surprise that hot hatchbacks are selling really well across the world, especially in Europe as they combine many different aspects into a single complete package.

Is the Volkswagen Polo a good family car?

As far as family cars are concerned, we can say that the Polo is indeed a good family car, but only if your family is young. The fact of the matter is that the Polo does not offer much interior and cargo space which could pose an issue for an adult family.

Besides, the Polo is not the safest car on the lot, simply because it is small. As such, there are better family cars in this price range because the Polo lacks size, comfort, and safety.

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