Does Porsche have an electric SUV?

Porsche does not offer an electric SUV in 2022 and they never did. However, judging by some rather mysterious spy shots, an electric Porsche is likely going to see the light of day soon. More specifically, Porsche is aiming at completely electrifying the next-gen Porsche Macan.

Little is known of the electric Macan as of now, but all the currently available data can be found in this article. If you are impatient to wait for an electric Porsche SUV, you can go for the existing Porsche EV, the Taycan, or the plug-in hybrid versions of existing Porsche models.

Given the fact that the entire automotive industry is slowly moving towards an electric future, Porsche was quick to follow with the Taycan. It is safe to say that Porsche is going to expand its lineup to include quite a few electric cars soon, including a through and through electric supercar.

Until that comes, we are going to discuss the upcoming Macan EV, the existing Taycan EV, and the currently available Porsche plug-in hybrid model range.

Electric Porsche Macan – Soon to be revealed

Judging by a few reasonable estimates online, the electric Macan should start around $60,000 and the prices should easily go up to $100,000 for the fastest and most impressive Macan EV. The Macan is a crossover/compact SUV that is currently the most popular type of car on the market.

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The Macan is likely going to be designed on a completely new platform with the addition of all the state-of-the-art EV technologies introduced with the Taycan, such as the 800-volt infrastructure that should guarantee fast charging times, great acceleration times, and superior thermal efficiency.

Some Porsche insiders state that the electric Taycan should offer more than 230 EPA estimated miles of range and that we should expect it to drop in 2023. The Macan should come in two different battery sizes that maximize either range or performance.

We ought to wait for Porsche to reveal the electric Macan late this year, and it seems like the Macan EV is shaping up to be a great option.

Porsche Taycan – The first true Porsche EV

The Porsche Taycan showed that electric cars are not boring and that they can be dynamic and fun to drive besides just being rapid in a straight line. The Taycan is offered in several different versions which include the entry-level $82,000 Taycan at the lower end and the $185,000 range-topping Taycan Turbo S.

The Taycan is also available either as a 4-door sedan or as a Gran Turismo estate-like car that offers more cargo space. The Taycan uses the aforementioned 800-volt electric architecture which ensures fast charging times, fast acceleration times, and industry-leading thermal efficiency.

The range-topping Taycan Turbo can do 0-60mph in less than 2.5 seconds and is able to last 220 miles on a single charge. The range-topping Turbo S should do around 200 while the Taycan 4S should do closer to 300 miles between charges which is the best range-oriented Taycan version of the lot.

All in all, the Taycan is a tremendously impressive EV that opens the door for all the other upcoming Porsche EVs including the Macan.

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Porsche Hybrids – The Cayenne and the Panamera E-Hybrid

If you want to enjoy both an ICE engine and an electric engine in a comfortable Porsche chassis, the Cayenne or the Panamera are the ones to get. The Cayenne E-Hybrid offers a 3.0L V6 mated to an electric engine which both produce a combined output of 455hp while the range-topping Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid offers 670hp from its 4.0L V8 and an electric engine.

You can get this very same powertrain for the Panamera as well with identical power outputs. The 911, the Macan, and the Boxster/Cayman models are not available with a hybrid powertrain as of yet, but they are likely going to follow in due time.

Both of these e-Hybrid Turbo models are also the most powerful ICE Porsche models in existence. 670 horsepower is a 4-door sedan and a large SUV is a recipe known to excite all performance freaks all around the world.

It is actually a bit insane that we are able to buy cars such as these as the hybrid powertrain was not introduced to make cars faster and more aggressive, but rather for cars such as the Prius that prioritize efficiency.

FAQ Section

Is the Porsche Macan worth it?

The current Porsche Macan is indeed worth it as it is a tremendously capable SUV that balances superior comfort with legendary Porsche reliability and desirability. It is the best compact SUV as far as value retention is concerned and many people deem it to be the most dynamic small SUV on sale.

All versions of the Macan some with potent engines, besides the entry-level 2.0L 4-cylinder which is a bit lackluster. All in all, the Macan is indeed worth it as it is a nice car that offers class-leading value retention, performance, and appeal.

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Should I buy a hybrid Porsche?

The E-Hybrid model range offers either a more sensible mileage-oriented setup found with the 3.0L V6 in both the Cayenne and the Panamera, or the ridiculous 670hp V8 and electric engine combo. Both of these engine configurations make a lot of sense these days as hybrids and EVs do come with a few benefits.

As such, buying a hybrid Porsche is worth it. The range-topping Turbo E-Hybrid models are the fastest and most powerful Porsche cars you can buy these days while the 3.0L V6 versions are the most economical.

Is the Porsche Taycan worth it?

If you are in a market for an electric car that balances performance, style, comfort, and technology better than most cars out there, the Taycan is the one to get. The Taycan competes with the likes of the Tesla Model, the Audi e-Tron GT, the Lucid Air, and the Mercedes EQS to be the best luxury electric sedan.

In my opinion, the Taycan takes the cake as the best performance EV out of them all with class-leading quality and design choices while the Model S is the most convenient one to use and the EQS is the most luxurious one.

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