Best used cars with sunroof in 2023

Is Hyundai Tucson a good car?

Buying a convertible presents a lot of compromises, so much so that it sometimes makes no sense to buy it if you are only able to enjoy it a few times per year. After all, they tend to cost considerably more money when compared to their sedan counterparts while also presenting more potential issues down the line.

As such, you should check out cars that offer large sunroofs which are arguably the next best thing. They can make your car feel more premium while also making the cabin feel airy and full of light. On the other hand, they are not as problematic as convertible tops are and it’s easier to sell a car with a panoramic roof down the line.

As such, be sure to check out the new Honda Civic because it offers a decently proportioned sunroof straight from the factory. The Ford Fiesta is a great small hatchback that can also be had with a rather large sunroof. The Hyundai Sonata offers a sunroof as part of an optional package but is well worth it.

If you want an SUV, be sure to check out the Hyundai Tucson because it offers lots of desirable features for not all that much money. Finally, if you want a premium experience with a huge sunroof, be sure to check out the Audi Q5.

2016 Honda Civic

The 2016 Honda Civic has earned a plethora of awards for being a great all-around compact car with amazing comfort and premium features as standard. However, the best thing about the 2016 Civic is that it comes with a large sunroof from the factory. Furthermore, this sunroof can also be tilted and opened with just a press of a button.

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Besides being a relatively cheap way to acquire a large sunroof, the Civic is also a really efficient and reliable automobile that offers a dynamic driving experience while also being composed on the highway. It offers enough space for multiple passengers and it upholds a superior safety rating as well.

2016 Ford Fiesta

The 2016 Ford Fiesta only fell short of the Honda Civic as far as the best 2016 compact cars are concerned, but the Fiesta does offer a few benefits over the Civic such as a lower price tag and a cheaper-to-fix price if anything goes wrong.

The optional sunroof option cost around $800 from new which means that many used 2016 Fiesta models came with a sunroof. The sunroof can also be opened and it lets in lots of light. As far as perfect inner city-oriented cars go, the Ford Fiesta is up there with the very best.

2016 Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai is a brand known for combining affordability, efficiency, practicality, and reliability at a fairly attainable price, and the Sonata is no different. The 2016 Sonata has also won lots of awards for being one of the best midsize cars back in 2016 which makes it desirable on the 2nd hand market as well.

However, back in 2016, you had to pay $3100 in order to get the Tech Package which came with a sunroof and lots of tech goodies as well. This is great if you are looking for a 2nd hand Sonata because you will not have to pay such prices on the used car market.

2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited

As previously mentioned, Hyundai cars offer a lot of goodies for the money which is also true for the used 2016 Tucson Limited. Even though the Tucson never came with the sunroof as standard because you had to upgrade to the Limited trim, you can get one nowadays on the second-hand market for a fairly tempting price.

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Besides being a great all-around automobile the Tucson also holds the highest safety credentials as well which makes it a great family car. Even though the latest Hyundai SUV models do look better than the 2016 lineup, the 2016 Tucson still looks the part.

Read more about how great the Hyundai Tucson is to buy used. But you might also be interested in looking at common problems with the Tucson.

2017 Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is arguably the best Audi SUV you can buy because it serves as a perfect middle ground between the rather compact Q3 and the overly-proportioned Q7. This means that the Q5 is beefy enough for a true SUV driving experience while also feeling more composed than a mid-size SUV.

The interior of the 2017 Audi Q5 is almost identical to the one found on the latest gen Q5 which means that you are not gaining all that much if you opt for the brand-new model. The Q5 can also be had with a huge sunroof that spans across the entire roof of the car which can both be opened and tinted at just a press of a button.

FAQ Section

What are the benefits of a sunroof?

A sunroof/moonroof/panoramic roof or whatever you may call it lets in more light into the cabin which makes the car a more pleasant place to be no matter if you open the sunroof or now. It also offers the ability to stargaze at the sky from your rear seats which makes these cars that big more enjoyable to travel in.

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Furthermore, cars equipped with a sunroof fare considerably better on the second-hand market which means that even though they cost a lot of money, you can recuperate a decent portion of those costs while selling the car.

What are the drawbacks of a sunroof?

If you buy a car without a sunroof you are safe from all sorts of potential sunroof-related issues such as less structural rigidity, more potential issues, a higher center of gravity, less headroom, and potentially costly repairs associated with having to need to replace the glass.

You can only imagine how much it would cost to change a panoramic sunroof in the Q5 considering how large it is. Finally, some older cars have been criticized because the seals that surround the sunroof have worn out over time and made the car more prone to leaking.

Is a car with a sunroof worth it?

It depends on your personal preferences and how often you tend to use them. There are many people out there that drive cars equipped with sunroofs on a daily basis but they never use them which makes it redundant to even have one.

On the other hand, if you love features such as a panoramic sunroof then the sunroof is indeed worth it. It lets in extra light and extra air while also making the car look the part.

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