Best trucks for short drivers

Finding perfect cars for short driver means finding cars that are packed with short driver-friendly features such as great all-around visibility, lots of steering wheel and seat adjustments, multifunction power-operated tailgate, multifunction steering wheels, lots of grab handles, and easy to reach interior controls.

Furthermore, short drivers also benefit from power deployable or even fixed running boards, power-adjustable pedals, height-adjustable suspension, and adequately propertied interior ergonomics. Even though these are not as common as the features listed in the first paragraph there are a few trucks out there that do offer them.

As such, be sure to check out the Dodge RAM 1500 because the RAM is highly regarded as the best truck for shorter drivers because it offers almost all of these features. You should also consider the Honda Ridgeline if you are primarily interested in daily driver trucks.

The newly released Ford Maverick is also a good choice and so is the Ford F150. if you want to go big check out the GMC Sierra 2500/3000 because this heavy-duty truck is the best one to get in 2021 while also being fairly friendly towards shorter drivers.

Dodge RAM 1500 – Best truck for short drivers

The Dodge RAM 1500 is one of the most popular pickup trucks in the US because it offers practicality and accessibility for both short and tall drivers. You should opt for one that comes with power deployable running boards which make it easy to get in and out of the truck. A multifunction tailgate is also available and it can support around 2000 pounds.

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The seats offered in the RAM 1500 are multi-way adjustable in 8 different directions and you can position the steering wheel according to your heart’s desire. The RAM is also available with high adjustable suspension which makes it even easier to get in and out of the truck. Lastly, the visibility on offer is superior to most trucks out there.

Honda Ridgeline – A great truck for daily driver duties

As far as working man’s trucks are concerned, most US customers are keen on US-made trucks such as the RAM 1500 or the F150. Either way, the Honda Ridgeline is a really good truck even though it can not match most of its US competitors as far as towing and hauling are concerned.

However, the Ridgeline does benefit from great reliability and daily driver driveability which makes the Ridgeline a perfect choice for those who simply want a great car. The best thing about the Ridgeline is that it’s incredibly accessible both for the passenger department and the bed.

Ford Maverick – A newcomer compact truck

The new Ford Maverick is a great choice to consider if you want something similar to the Ridgeline but you prefer US-made trucks. The starting price of less than $22k makes it one of the best value-oriented trucks on the market. If you pair that with a relatively low ride height for a truck, you are looking at a cheap truck that is both easy to get into and easy to drive.

The engines on offer are potent and efficient while the hauling capacity is also adequate considering the size. The Maverick comes with lots of features that cater towards short drivers even though the size of the Maverick is perfect for shorter drivers in on itself.

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Ford F-150 – The benchmark

The Ford F-150 is the best-selling automobile in the US for a reason. It’s because it offers great daily driver capabilities while also being great for working purposes. It comes with almost all the short driver-friendly features listed in the first paragraph which make the F150 great for drivers of all shapes and sizes.

The visibility on offer is perfect and the maneuvrability of the F-150 is way better than you’d expect from a pick-up truck. The new 2022 model now also offers great engines including a hybrid option as well. As such, be sure to consider the F-150 because it is a great all-around truck.

GMC Sierra 2500/3000 – The best full-size truck at the moment

The new GMC Sierra seems to be the most highly-rated full-size truck on the market right now. It comes with lots of features from the factory while also being relatively well priced if you want to move up the range. You can also choose between a single axle and a dual axle configuration.

The best thing about the 2500 is the fact that it offers the best driving experience out of all full-size trucks at the moment. It also offers a fairly comfortable and easy to reach driving experience with lots of adjustments and short driver-friendly features.

FAQ Section

What are the benefits of buying a pick-up truck?

Pick-up trucks are great because they combine practicality and driveability at a fairly attainable price tag. This means that they are not far off most SUVs as far as off-roading is concerned while being considerably better when it comes to working environments which include towing and hauling cargo.

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Nowadays you can get a pickup with loads of luxury features as well which makes them perfect even for daily driver duties. They also offer a raised-up driving position, a fairly safe platform, and lots of competition at almost every price category.

What are the drawbacks of buying a pick-up truck?

Even though most manufacturers equip their trucks with lots of luxury and comfort features they are still not nearly as desirable and luxurious as some regular SUVs are. Furthermore, they are only popular in a few areas around the world which means that they are not made for certain markets around the world.

They are not all that capable off-road even though they do offer a raised-up driving position. They are often unrefined and a bit archaic when compared to most SUVs out there. Lastly, they are not all that spacious as far as passenger space is concerned because they often sacrifice passenger space for larger bed space.

Are SUVs better for shorter drivers than pick-up trucks?

It depends on how you tend to use a car. If you value the utility a pickup truck offers then it makes sense to opt for one as opposed to an SUV. However, if you are not a working man an SUV is likely going to offer you a better driving experience.

Either way, it all depends on the specific models you are interested in so be sure to compare them in most regards in order to make a sound purchasing decision.

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