All about 2023 Volvo S60

2023 Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 is a mid-size luxury sedan that was first introduced back in 2000 and is now in its third generation as the latest model was revealed in 2019. The 2023 S60 comes with a facelift which means that some features are upgraded, but most stay as they were for the 2022 model. So, if you want to know all about 2023 Volvo S60, be sure to read this article!

The changes for the 2023 model year include a new redesigned front grille, new bumpers, a Google-backed infotainment system, more range for Recharge models, trim level renamed to Core, Plus, and Ultimate, new exterior colors, new wheel designs, mild-hybrid engine technology, and hidden exhaust tips.

As far as the mild-hybrid engine technology is concerned, the 2.0L 4-cylinder in the S60 is now always backed by a small 48-volt battery which aids in power delivery and efficiency. The design stays more or less the same, yet has been distinguished and slightly updated both inside and out to make the S60 fresh.

Reliability is a mystery, but we can expect it to be as in the 2022 model year as nothing major has really changed. The value prospect is really good, but this segment houses some of the best sedans on the planet. Finally, practicality is on par with most of its rivals which means that it is a good family car and it has lots of space for a weekend getaway for the entire family.

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2023 Volvo S60 – The Powertrain

The 2023 S60 engine lineup kicks off with the 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that offers 250hp and comes with FWD as standard, yet it can be upgraded to AWD if you want. This engine is able to return 26MPG in the city and 35MPG on the highway which makes it really economical. These MPG increases have been made possible by the aforementioned 48-volt mild hybrid technology.

The higher-end model is the T8 EAWD which uses the same 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, but with added electric motors for a combined output of 455hp and an even more impressive 523lb-ft of torque. The T8 model gets AWD as standard which means that it can do 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds which is rather outstanding.

Volvo’s powertrains are not necessarily as exciting as those you can find in its German rivals, but no one can fault the T8 engine which is both quick and economical. With that being said, you can expect to return around 73MPGe with the T8 engine.

2023 Volvo S60 – Design and Driving

Design-wise, the 2023 S60 does not differ too much from the 2022 model year which means that only slight changes have taken place. The front and rear bumpers are now slightly more modern while the front grille has also been updated a bit. The exhaust tips are now hidden and the entire package seems more cohesive.

The interior is really smart-looking with a nice portrait infotainment screen which is now backed by Google. The driving experience is a bit sportier compared to its V60 wagon brother but isn’t on par with something like an Alfa Romeo Giulia, the Jaguar XE, or the BMW 3-Series. Volvo didn’t design the S60 to be a driver’s car in that sense.

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2023 Volvo S60 – Reliability and Common Issues

As far as reliability is concerned, the S60 is likely to remain the same as the 2022 model which means that it should be okay, but some say that the S60 is actually under average which means that some Germans are more reliable. This should be taken with a grain of salt as these charts and surveys can often be a bit biased towards certain manufacturers.

Be that as it may, the S60 is known to suffer from software-related issues, electrical issues, issues with the suspension, and automatic emergency braking issues.

2023 Volvo S60 – Value and Practicality

Value-wise, you can expect to pay around $42,395 for the entry-level Core model, $45,095 for the Plus model, and $47,845 for the Ultimate model. The Recharge model costs $52,345 to begin with, but the price can go as high as almost $70,000 for top-spec models.

Practicality is not as good as in the V60 wagon but is good enough for most people. As such, if you need more space, just go with the V60. As far as interior storage spaces are concerned, the S60 is really good with a bunch of cubby spaces, and usable USB ports, and the visibility is also really good.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the 2023 Volvo S60?

If you want a premium compact sedan, but don’t want anything German, your choices are still fairly vast. However, I’d recommend going for the S60 Volvo because it offers an amazing hybrid powertrain that is also efficient, sophisticated, and in line with the current era of decarbonization and environmentally conscious.

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On the other hand, if you don’t like Volvo’s minimalist approach to design, and if you deem the S60 to be a bit dated, you should consider buying something German.

 Which cars rival the Volvo S60?

The premium compact sedan market is brimming with amazing options from many of the world’s most reputable automakers. For starters, the new Mercedes C-Class is the most luxurious car in this segment, the Audi A4 is likely the most practical while the BMW 3-Series is a perfect blend of both. The Jaguar XE and the Alfa Romeo Giulia are the best driver’s cars here.

All of these have something that they do better than the Volvo, but I’d say that the 2.0L Recharge hybrid engine in the S60 is the best 2.0L engine out of all cars here.

Is the Volvo S60 better than the Volvo V60?

If you need a bit more space for your stuff and your family/friends, the V60 is going to be a better choice. If you are an adventurous type and you want to have a car that can do mild off-roading if necessary, the V60 Cross Country is even better. However, if you want a sleek-looking sedan that can fit nicely into a corporate carpark, the S60 is the way to go.

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