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The Kia Sportage mild hybrid model not only provides the car with more power and range, but it also helps to reduce emissions. What’s more, it also saves on the costs of operation, making it cheaper to maintain than its ICE counterparts. But like all Kia models, this unit also has several issues. So, what are the Kia Sportage’s mild hybrid problems?

Some of the common problems with the Kia Sportage mild hybrid model are engine stalling, loss of power, hard start, and check engine light issues. Furthermore, other users have also complained about transmission problems, such as a burning smell coming from the hood and a shaking sensation during driving. 

What are the common problems with Kia Sportage mild hybrid model?

Engine stalling

This is a common problem with not only the Kia Sportage mild hybrid model but as well as its gas-powered models as well. Many users have complained that the engine stalls while they are driving the car. One of the users reported that the drive belt tensioner frequently seizes up in the mild hybrid 1.6 trim.

As a result, the abrupt force damaged the crankshaft pulley keyway, destroying the valve and piston. While retightening the pulley bolt can temporarily fix this problem, it is not a permanent solution. This is because the tensioner is still not fixed and will cause problems.

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Ensure t replace both parts if you want to fix the problem for good. Furthermore, you should have the faulty electronic gas injection control relay or the fuel pump fixed as well.  

Loss of engine power

Another common problem with the Kia Sportage mild hybrid model is the loss of power. Many users have reported that the car jerks or grazes when it speeds, making it tricky to drive. Therefore, this can be very dangerous on the freeway. Furthermore, it is a sign that several parts of your car’s engine have deteriorated and need replacement.

To fix this issue, you may have to inspect several parts, such as a malfunctioning ignition system, failed or clogged catalytic converter, a faulty fuel pump, a dirty mass airflow sensor, or a leak in the vacuum. It is vital to pinpoint and fix the underlying issue to prevent further damage to the engine. 

Transmission issues

Aside from engine issues, Kia Sportage mild hybrid users have also reported transmission problems. Some of these issues include a grinding or shaking sensation during driving, a burning smell coming from the hood, and jumping during acceleration.

Most of the above issues are caused by a gearbox fluid leak or a bad torque converter. What’s more, it can also be caused by a transmission control module problem or software challenges. Note that most transmission problems are caused by not changing or having the right transmission fluid level. So, you have to check this before checking other possible causes.

Check engine light issues

This is another issue that many Kia Sportage users have complained about. Most of the users have stated that the light flashes and goes out again. There are many things that can cause the check engine to come on and off. Some of them include malfunctioning spark plugs, ignition coils, or even electrical issues.

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However, when it comes to the Kia Sportage mild hybrid, this is usually because of a leak in the intake ports. Have the car inspected and the intake ports replaced to fix this issue.

Hard starts

Even though not so common, some Kia Sportage mild hybrid users have also reported having cold starts. These usually occur in people who live in cold areas. Nonetheless, cold starts can also be caused by a bad battery, alternator, or even a faulty starter. Therefore, it is crucial to find out what’s causing your car to have a hard start and have it fixed. 


Is Kia Sportage mild hybrid a reliable car?

Yes, the Kia Sportage mild hybrid car is very reliable. This does not only apply to the hybrid version but as well as other Kia models. Besides, Kia is one of the most reliable brands on the market.

Is it expensive to maintain a mild hybrid car?

No, maintaining a mild hybrid car is actually way cheaper than maintaining a gasoline-only car. For instance, you will spend less than $460 to maintain the Kia Sportage mild hybrid model. This is because they use less fuel, thus the engine isn’t much stressed as a gasoline-only model.

What are the common problems with Kia Sportage models?

Most of the problems witnessed by the Kia Sportage mild hybrid users are also experienced by other Kia Sportage users. Some of them include engine stalling or idling, loss of engine power, transmission issues, suspension problems, cylinder misfire, excess oil usage, check engine light coming on, braking issues, and exhaust wear.

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Similarly, most of these issues can be avoided by taking good care of the car and adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance service. 

How long does a mild hybrid car last?

Unfortunately, mild hybrid cars do not last as long as their ICE counterparts. This is because most mild hybrid batteries have to be changed every 100k miles. But with proper care and maintenance, they can clock over 200k miles. But if you want your mild hybrid car, such as the Kia Sportage mild hybrid model to last longer, you will have to replace the battery when it wears out.

Which cars are similar to the Kia Sportage mild hybrid?

The Kia Sportage mild hybrid version may be one of the best compact SUVs on the market, but it also faces stiff competition. Some of its closest competitors are Nissan Qashqai, Skoda Karoq, Seat Ateca, Mazda CX-5, Peugeot 3008, and Hyundai Tucson. So, if you want better performance, comfort, or spaciousness, you can pick from one of the cars from the list.

Bottom line

The Kia Sportage mild hybrid model is not only an eco-friendly car, but it is also fuel efficient. But like most cars, it also comes with multiple issues that can be avoided through proper care and maintenance. Overall, the Kia Sportage is one of the best compact mild hybrid SUVs on the market.

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